Gas & Wood Zero-Clearance Fireplaces: Good Options for Home Heating

Zero Clearance FireplaceIt’s hard to beat a traditional masonry fireplace for charm and rustic good looks, yet when it comes to producing heat within your home, you might be better off with an electric space heater. Why not get the best of both worlds with a fabulous, highly efficient zero-clearance fireplace?

From a user’s standpoint, zero-clearance units operate like most any other fireplace: they’re set into a wall and you control the flames by adding fuel (wood or gas). One of the things that make these appliances good options for home heating is their remarkably safe design. Built in a factory, zero-clearance fireplaces are ultra-insulated, which allows them to be installed in close proximity to sheetrock, wood, paneling and other home building materials and never emit enough heat to cause a fire.

Different from fireplace inserts that are made to fit into an existing firebox (usually in an open masonry fireplace), zero-clearance fireplaces are fully functioning fireplaces unto themselves. They bring all the aesthetic beauty of traditional fireplaces but with many benefits inherent only in zero-clearance models.

Benefits of owning a zero-clearance wood or gas fireplace

Zero Clearance FireplaceHere’s a partial list of benefits that will give you a good idea why a zero-clearance fireplace should be your next home-heating appliance.

High heat-efficiency ratings: Top brands of zero-clearance fireplaces such as Avalon, Enerzone, Travis, Lopi, Hearth Innovations and Element offer models with heat efficiency ratings of 70% to 80% and more. This rating tells you the percentage of heat produced by the unit that will be fed into the home for heat rather than lost in the draft. (Open masonry fireplaces often carry ratings of 20% or less.)

Simple, fast installation: ZC fireplaces easily fit into “tighter” spaces, because they don’t need a buffer zone for safety or special masonry work. This means less time, expense and mess involved in the installation.

No chimney required: Zero-clearance wood fireplaces (and gas models) come with their own vent pipe system. You won’t have to incur the expense of having a chimney built.

Wood-burning ZC fireplaces: Wood logs are considered a carbon-neutral fuel that is not harmful to the environment. The smoke from burning logs adds no more carbon to the air than do trees decaying in a forest.

Gas-burning ZC fireplaces: Gas is naturally clean-burning, and with new, more-stringent EPA regulations, modern gas zero-clearance fireplaces are friendlier to the environment than ever before.

Size options: Both wood and gas zero-clearance fireplace come in many sizes, making it easy to zone-heat your home. Smaller units are ideal for rooms such as kitchens, bedrooms and even bathrooms.

Amazing aesthetics: With the variety of shapes, sizes, styles and finishes of today’s ZC fireplaces, you’ll find it simple to bring home a new fireplace that will add instant elegance to your home and quickly become a center point.

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