Wood Stove Floor Protection: Hearth Pads

Wood stoves can provide a tremendous amount of heat and yet it is safe to install a modern wood stove in almost any room of your home. Proper installation is essential, though, and includes putting a heavy-duty hearth pad on the floor underneath your wood stove. If you had a gas stove, a different type of hearth pad would suffice, such as glass, metal, or certain types of non-combustible tile. For installation of wood stoves, however, there are two kinds of hearth pads or floor protections that you can choose. To have the right type of hearth pad underneath when installing a wood stove, buy Ember Protection or Thermal Protection.

Two Types of Wood Stove Floor Protection

Hearth Store In Greenwich, CTEmber Protection

When a wood stove has been rated without thermal protection, Type 1 Ember Protection can be used. This type of pad is needed when a stove has been tested by the manufacturer and is deemed safe to place directly on combustible flooring. However, front floor protection is a requirement in case burning logs and/or hot embers roll onto the floor. Hearth rugs are the most common form of Ember Protection. Hearth rugs are supposedly flame retardant. It’s important to realize that Ember Protection is not adequate to be used as Thermal Protection underneath a wood stove.

Thermal Protection Hearth Pads

If the manufacturer of a wood stove did not test the stove to sit directly on combustible flooring, Type 2 Thermal Protection is needed on the floor underneath. Stove boards are the form in which manufacturers produce Thermal Protection. Type 2 stove boards for floor protection have an R-Value rating, and it’s important to find one that meets the R-Value requirement listed in the installation manual for the wood stove. The size of the floor protection must also match the manufacturer’s instructions.

Stove Boards Used for Wall Protection

It helps to have professionals install your wood stove and the flooring protection underneath. It’s possible that you could use Type 2 Thermal Protection stove boards to protect combustible walls, but specifications for installation must be adhered to painstakingly. It can be a benefit to use Type 2 flooring protection for the walls because it could reduce clearance requirements but up to 66%, which saves space in your home. Stove boards provide a way to reduce stove clearances that is economical and, if done correctly, safe.

Basically, there must be a 1” air space between the stove board and the combustible wall if clearances are to be reduced. Non-combustible spacers are ideal for use when ensuring that there is ventilation on the four sides of stove boards.

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