Wood-Burning Pellet Heat Stove or Fireplace Insert Buying Tips

Are you thinking it would be nice to have a real wood heating appliance in your home but bypass the hassle of dealing with wood logs? Do you have an existing masonry fireplace that simply isn’t producing enough heat? A “yes” answer to either of these questions means it’s time to look into a modern, highly efficient pellet heat stove or pellet fireplace insert.

Stove or insert – which is right for you?

Pellet Fireplace InsertA pellet fireplace insert is a self-contained, factory-built unit that fits into the firebox of your existing masonry fireplace. These appliances are well-insulated and designed to bring peak performance and heat. They should always be installed by a professional, certified fireplace technician.

Many homeowners opt for a new pellet stove, because the appliance can be installed in many areas in the home. A free-standing stove produces plenty of radiant heat and can be bought in a size that’s just right for the room or area in which you want to place it.

Benefits of pellet stoves and fireplace inserts

Pellets are made primarily from agricultural or manufacturing wood waste. Because they’re real wood, you get all the ambience and subtle aroma of a real wood fire. But unlike wood logs, pellets are clean and convenient to buy, store and use. Typically, they’re sold in 40-pound bags, which can be stored inside or outside in a dry place.

With pellets, there’s no hauling logs to the appliance, stacking them, getting the right amount of tinder and then working to start the fire. Some pellet appliances have automatic starters; others start fires easily with a match. Pellet heating units have an attached hopper, into which pellets are loaded and then fed at a predetermined rate into the firebox. Pellet fires are long-burning – in some cases as long as 36 hours before having to refill the hopper.

To increase the level of heat, you can have your stove or insert fitted with a blower, which sends lots of heat out into the room.

Buying your pellet stove or fireplace insert

Pellet Stove Buying GuideWhile all pellet appliances offer top performance and long life, it’s important to purchase a model that will best meet your heating and aesthetic requirements. For this reason, it’s always best to shop with a reputable stove and fireplace retailer who can recommend the right size and efficiency rating for your home. Expert advice will go a long way toward giving you years of enjoyment from your new stove or insert.

In addition to helping you decide on the perfect appliance, an experienced hearth store professional can explain more about how pellet stoves and fireplaces work, operating costs, venting and maintenance needs and more before you buy. This way, you’re ensured of making an informed decision and bringing home the type of unit that will give you exactly what you want.

When it’s time to shop for a new pellet stove or pellet fireplace insert, we invite you to visit the Yankee Doodle Stove & Fireplace Center showroom to see a fine selection of top-name appliances. Our friendly staff will help you learn what you need to know about heating with pellets and arrange for professional installation from a certified local contractor. Visit us at 848 Danbury Road in Wilton, CT, or give us a call at (203) 544-8111.