Value of Owning an Efficient Gas Fireplace

wilton ct gas fireplace install and repairModern gas fireplaces offer clear benefits that have more and more homeowners choosing gas over wood-burning fireplaces. A gas fireplace is an eco-friendly option that can significantly cut energy costs in winter. There are many ways to calculate the value of owning an efficient gas fireplace. In addition, there are also certain features which can increase the benefits.

How Do Gas Fireplaces Compare to Wood Fireplaces?

Wood-burning fireplaces have always been very popular, and it’s primarily because of the unique ambiance it seems only a wood fire can create. Thanks to innovation in the hearth industry, gas fireplaces have benefits that now clearly stack up to wood fires plus more. The following reasons demonstrate the value of an efficient gas fireplace, as compared to a wood fireplace:

  • Gas fireplaces are incredibly convenient. There is no need to gather and store firewood until the logs are low in moisture content and therefore proper fuel for an efficient fire. Starting and extinguishing a gas fireplace is as quick and easy as flipping a switch. For busy homeowners, the convenience of a gas fireplace is its most valuable feature.
  • Gas fireplaces are simple to maintain. Wood fires, on the other hand, leave deposits of highly flammable creosote in the chimney lining, which can cause hazardous chimney fires. Chimney cleaning and inspections are recommended annually. Burning logs also produce ash that needs to be cleaned up routinely.
  • The cost of running a gas fireplace is roughly one-third the cost of burning firewood.
  • The heat from gas fireplaces goes into the home, with very little warmth lost through the venting system. A traditional masonry fireplace is terribly inefficient, with up to 90% or more of the heat going up the chimney. Even more modern wood-burning fireplaces aren’t as efficient as gas fireplaces.
  • The fuel for a wood fire is a hassle, requiring chopping, hauling, and a significant amount of space for long-term storage during the seasoning process. For many homeowners, accessing gas for the fireplace is effortless.
  • Gas fireplaces are environmentally friendly, emitting significantly fewer particle emissions than wood fires.

The Gas Fireplace Revolution

There are various options to choose from when buying a gas fireplace, and the most popular feature is direct vent technology. Direct vent technology literally revolutionized fireplaces and brought huge changes to the hearth industry. A gas fireplace can be installed in just about any room of your home because the appliance can be vented directly through the nearest exterior wall. Direct vent gas fireplaces are very efficient and safe. Outside air is used for combustion, and then toxic fumes and excess moisture are released through the direct venting system.

More Recommended Features of a Gas Fireplace

Direct vent technology is just one of many ways to add further value to your gas fireplace. The following are more great options:

  • gas fireplace installation in westport ctSome gas fireplaces are designed so that they can be connected to the home’s ductwork system. This does a better job of distributing the heat from the fireplace throughout the home.
  • Rather than choosing basic tempered glass, a ceramic glass front is recommended for gas fireplaces. The higher quality glass transmits infrared heat better, and the ceramic is far less likely to shatter, as ceramic glass is known to do.
  • You can choose from traditional to sleek and modern designs in gas fireplaces. Gas logs are greatly improved, compared to the faux logs of yesteryear. In addition, you can choose glass or rocks for the flames to dance upon, instead of logs.

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