Tips on How a Fireplace Can Fit into a Small Space

beautiful electric wall mounted fireplace in weston ct Are you looking for ideas on how to make a small space feel more homey? Adding a fireplace might be the right choice.

Modern gas and electric fireplaces have opened up design options that were never possible with brick and mortar wood-burning fireplaces. These fireplaces are incredibly customizable offering you the ability to set the flame height and back lighting. You can also design the ideal hearth display. You could choose to have a driftwood log set or crushed glass that majestically reflects the dancing flames (just to name a couple). Along with these options, you can now install a fireplace in a small room or tight space where a traditional fireplace wouldn’t have been possible. These fireplaces can be installed almost anywhere because most models have flexible direct venting.

If you are looking for ideas on how you can fit a fireplace into a small home or tight space, here are a few:

Wall-mounted Fireplace

When you have limited square footage, giving it up for a fireplace and hearth might seem impractical. Fortunately, wall-mounted fireplaces eliminate this problem. These fireplaces are inserted into the wall so that they do not take up any additional square footage. This feature makes them ideal for small homes or rooms. You will love the sleek, modern look of an inset fireplace.

Dual-Sided Fireplace

A dual-sided fireplace is a unique type of wall-mounted fireplace that offers a view of the flames from both sides of a wall and provides heat to two rooms. You could have a dual-sided fireplace installed between a living room and dining room to make a dramatic statement or install it between the master bedroom and bath to create a romantic atmosphere.

Linear Fireplace

A linear fireplace offers a wide screen view of the fire. This long, rectangular fireplace is another type of wall-mounted fireplace. The beautiful, large display has made these fireplaces a popular choice for every room in a house.

Corner fireplace

nice corner linear fireplaces in milford ctThe name of this fireplace tells you exactly where it would fit in your home. With a corner fireplace, you can take advantage of unused space and create an attractive focal point. Corner fireplaces are ideal for bedrooms, and small living rooms.

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