The Top Benefits of a Fireplace Remodel

What do you expect from your fireplace? Do you want it to be a supplemental heat source? Or is it primarily a décor accent? Whatever you use your fireplace for, are you happy with the results?

Update FireplaceYou may have a fireplace that’s old and doesn’t look nearly as nice as the newer models on the market. Or perhaps you’re running a traditional masonry fireplace that simply isn’t doing a good job in bringing heat to your living spaces. In these and other cases, a fireplace remodel might be just what you need.

A fireplace remodel can bring you a number of benefits including these five.

1. More heat and higher efficiency

Today’s fireplaces – particularly the gas-fueled variety – produce much more heat than older, less-efficient units. Plus, gas burns very clean, making it an eco-friendly fuel.

You can increase heat production further with an internal electric blower or a tubular grate, which will send more heat into the room. Some newer fireplaces are equipped with an outdoor air feed that prevents using warm interior air for venting.

2. Safe operation

A fireplace remodel can increase the safety of your current unit. Options include:

  • Glass fireplace doors that keep sparks and embers (from wood fireplaces) from popping out of the firebox and causing injury or damage to the surrounding area.
  • Locks for glass doors, which make it impossible for curious young children and toddlers to come into contact with the flames.
  • Handsome safety screens that can be used alone or in tandem with glass doors.

3. Ease of use

Modern gas fireplaces provide the ultimate in operational simplicity. Cutting-edge technology makes getting a fire started easy with push-button or remote control. Some models come with programmable thermostats that allow you to control how much heat your fireplace produces and when it’s produced. Extinguishing the fire is as easy as getting it started.

4. Less work for you

Many people love traditional wood fireplaces, but few people enjoy the mess they create. Ashes need to be cleaned out of the firebox on a regular basis, hauling wood inside gets chips and debris all over the floors, and all chimneys that vent wood smoke need annual cleaning to remove flammable creosote. When you remodel with a new gas fireplace, you’ll experience none of this additional work.

5. Ambience

Fireplace RemodelA reason homeowners often give for doing a fireplace remodel is that they simply want a nicer-looking unit. You’ll accomplish this when you upgrade to a new fireplace or add a fireplace insert to an existing firebox. And don’t forget to consider adding a beautiful mantel and a selection of sturdy fireplace tools to complete the effect.

Before you launch a remodeling effort, speak with your local hearth retailer to get ideas that will help you achieve exactly what you’re after. You can learn about all the different types of fireplaces and browse a nice selection of fireplace accessories that will be perfect additions to your home.

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