Tips on What to Do with Your Fireplace in Summer

A fireplace does not have to be as useless in summer as a thick wool sweater. There are constructive things you can do with your fireplace in summer in addition to trying an awesome new decorating strategy. The following are some practical and at the same time potentially exciting ideas on what to do with your fireplace in summer.

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Do the Number One Most Practical Thing

Fire safety experts urge all homeowners with chimneys to schedule an annual chimney inspection for chimneys and fireplaces. Ask any chimney sweep professional and they will tell you that summer is indeed the best time to determine what condition your chimney and fireplace are in. A few of the reasons to schedule a chimney inspection and cleaning in summer include:

  • More convenient scheduling of chimney sweep services
  • Masonry repairs are more durable when made in summer
  • Avoid loss of the use of the fireplace until winter repairs are made

Add a Fireplace Insert

A brilliant thing to do with your masonry fireplace in summer is to give it an upgrade that will save you money every winter. The efficiency of a traditional masonry fireplace is probably a minus, all things considered. Estimates are that fires in a masonry chimney are 10% efficient at most. If you consider the loss of heat in the home through the chimney throughout the season, the 10% is nullified. Having a fireplace insert installed is the perfect solution.

A fireplace insert transforms a masonry fireplace into an efficient supplemental heat source with up to 80% efficiency or more. This means that only 20% of the heat produced in the fireplace is lost up the chimney as opposed to 90% or more with masonry fireplaces.

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Schedule a Fireplace Makeover

Have you decided that your fireplace looks outdated and tired? Homeowners in decades-old houses commonly face that dilemma. With summer stretched out before you, it is the perfect time to schedule a fireplace makeover. You will find yourself looking forward to winter like never before when your fireplace becomes the magnificent focal point you have dreamed of.

There are as many types of fireplace makeovers as you can probably imagine. Makeovers range from floor-to-ceiling wall treatment surrounds to a simple change in the mantlepiece or only the mantel itself. The materials used for fireplace makeovers include stone, tile, brick, and granite. You may opt for a raised hearth, and you could switch out the type of fuel used in your fireplace. The possibilities may be limitless but qualified technicians can make it easier for you to decide on the ideal fireplace makeover and get it done in summer.

Schedule Chimney Cleaning

Your chimney may not need repair, but it likely needs cleaning. Many fire safety experts recommend annual chimney cleaning while others say that cleaning services can wait until there is 1/8 inch of creosote buildup in the chimney flue. Creosote is toxic and highly flammable. During the summer months, the unpleasant smell of the creosote in your chimney flue can invade your home and affect the respiratory health of children and vulnerable adults.

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