Spring and Summer are Perfect for Adding a New Fireplace Insert

greenwich ct top quality fireplacesIf you like the idea of potentially cutting your winter heating costs by as much as 40%, it’s a great idea to have a new fireplace insert installed during the off season. Due to the gross inefficiency of an old, worn out masonry fireplace, a fireplace insert is an excellent home upgrade. The primary reason to add an insert in spring or summer is so that there are no worries about needing your fireplace during a sudden cold snap while the change is in progress. There’s also the benefit of being ready for cold weather, when you will be much cozier and warmer by your fireplace.

What is a Fireplace Insert?

A fireplace insert converts a masonry fireplace into an efficient, eco-friendly heating system. It is a metal firebox surrounded by a steel shell, and it’s often described as a wood stove modified to fit inside the firebox of your masonry fireplace. Air from the room flows in the space between the outer shell and the firebox. The outer shell ensures that most of the heat generated inside the firebox goes into the room instead of up the chimney.

The space between the insert and the fireplace opening is covered by a decorative faceplate that includes a glass door.

Installation of Fireplace Inserts

It’s important to have a chimney professional handling fireplace insert installation. The efficiency of the new unit will be lost if installation isn’t done correctly. In addition, the connection to the chimney flue is important. Oftentimes, it’s necessary to have a chimney liner installed so that it’s the correct size to ensure proper operation of the fireplace insert.

Benefits of Inserts

Homeowners find installation of a fireplace insert to be a good investment, thanks to numerous benefits the heating appliance provides. The following are among the benefits of a fireplace insert:

  • Reducing your winter energy costs is a benefit you can count on, when you have a fireplace insert installed. The closed combustion system operates much more efficiently than a traditional masonry fireplace. The efficiency rating of fireplace inserts can be as high as 80%, compared to 10% efficiency at best for an open fireplace. On the coldest of days, it’s usually possible to cut off central heating and stay warm in a room heated by the fireplace insert.
  • There are options, as far as the type of fuel you use in a fireplace insert. Choices of fuel include gas, propane, wood, and pellets. Every fuel type has its own set of pros and cons, and you can choose the kind that works best for your preference and/or needs.
  • wood buring insert finest installations wilton ctIf you have a wood-burning fireplace insert, another way you cut energy costs is that you will burn a lot less firewood while enjoying a great deal more heat. Fires burn hotter and yet slower in an insert, meaning your supply of firewood goes a lot further.
  • Installing a fireplace insert could be the perfect solution for you, if the firebox in your existing fireplace is damaged and in need of expensive repairs. Your investment will go toward an efficiency upgrade, as opposed to basic repairs of an ineffective fireplace.
  • There are numerous styles to choose from. No matter what type of décor you have, there is sure to be a fireplace insert that will complement your home interior.

During spring or summer, while chimney professionals aren’t constantly booked for chimney emergencies, get started on a fireplace upgrade. Have a fireplace insert installed now, and you will appreciate all the benefits come winter.