Revamp Your Tired Fireplace with a New Insert

gas fireplace insertIf your masonry fireplace looks a lot better than it performs, maybe it’s time to consider revamping it with a new, high-efficiency fireplace insert. Not only will you bring more heat into your home, you’ll be adding a beautiful appliance that will significantly enhance the look and feel of your hearth area.

What is a fireplace insert?

Inserts are factory-built units that come in various sizes to allow them to fit right into the opening of an existing fireplace. Think of an insert like a fireplace in a box. They’re designed to operate on a closed-combustion system, which produces a much higher level of heat than a traditional masonry fireplace.

Depending on the fuel that runs your insert (see below), you’ll enjoy a heat-efficiency rating of 70% or 80% or higher. The rating tells you the percentage of the heat the unit produces that will be available to heat your home.

By comparison, open masonry fireplaces have ratings of 20% and often much lower. That means 80% or more of the heat the fireplace produces goes right up the chimney, never to be felt by people inside the home.

Fireplace insert fuels

Modern fireplace inserts can use gas, wood, pellets or electricity for fuel. (Each individual insert, however, will use only one type of fuel.) Let’s look at these four types of inserts.

Gas fireplace insert

Fueled by natural gas or propane, gas fireplace inserts produce high heat and are very simple to operate. A switch or a remote gives you instant control in starting, adjusting and extinguishing your fires. A ceramic log set with realistic-looking logs presents a stunning visual that’s remarkably similar to a real wood fire. With a gas insert, you’ll have minimal cleaning and maintenance.

wood fireplace insert

Wood fireplace insert

If wood is your thing, but so is heat, move up to a highly efficient wood fireplace insert. You’ll enjoy all the beauty of real wood logs burning and crackling in the firebox, and you’ll get far more heat for your money than with any traditional masonry fireplace. Annual cleaning is necessary with a wood insert to remove flammable creosote from the chimney.

Pellet fireplace insert

Pellets are made primarily from wood waste found in agricultural and manufacturing environments. When you upgrade to a new pellet insert, you’ll get real wood fires with operation that’s simpler than with wood logs. Pellets are fed into the firebox through an attached hopper, which you can set to deliver just the right amount of fuel for up to 36 hours.

Electric fireplace insert

Today’s electric inserts come in beautiful designs that will accent any home décor. They provide great, fast heat and are by far the easiest type of insert to use and maintain. No cleaning, no odors, no hassle.

Is it time to step up to a new fireplace insert and stop relying on your tired old masonry fireplace to heat your home? Stop by Yankee Doodle Stove & Fireplace Center at 848 Danbury Road in Wilton, CT, and check out a fine selection of top-name fireplace inserts that run on the fuel of your choice. If you have questions, you can reach an expert at (203) 544-8111.