Tips on How a Fireplace Can Fit into a Small Space

Are you looking for ideas on how to make a small space feel more homey? Adding a fireplace might be the right choice. Modern gas and electric fireplaces have opened up design options that were never possible with brick and mortar wood-burning fireplaces. These fireplaces are incredibly customizable offering you the ability to set the flame height and back lighting. You can also design Read more…

Find the Right Hearth Product for Your Home & Lifestyle

What Connecticut home is complete without a fireplace or free-standing stove? A hearth makes a house feel like a home. Relaxing in front of a blazing fire is one of the most pleasant ways to relax on a blustery spring evening or a bitterly cold winter night. Even when the hearth is cold, a fireplace or stove is an inviting focal point. Read more…