Reasons to Install an Outdoor Fireplace 

Outdoor fireplaces are such a pleasure that it’s more likely homeowners look for an excuse rather than a reason to have one added to their backyard. A fireplace usually delivers the most compelling indoor wow factor, and the same can be true in your outdoor living space. Year-round outdoor gatherings can suddenly be the norm where you live if you grab onto any of the following reasons to have an outdoor fireplace installed in your backyard.

Fire pit rebuilding in Ridgefield, CT1-No Getting Trapped Indoors

Winters can really drag on. Even with the enjoyment of a fireplace, being confined indoors because of cold weather can begin to feel claustrophobic. If you install an outdoor fireplace, however, the dynamics change. You can light a warm fire in your backyard and enjoy breathing the outdoor air under the stars every season of the year.

2-An Outdoor Focal Point

There’s nothing that can match the dramatic effect of an outdoor fireplace and chimney. The defined structure and elevation of the chimney establishes a vertical focal point that’s pleasing to the eye. With a fire going, the effect is even more striking. With all of the styles of fireplaces and options in building material for the surround, outdoor fireplaces are adaptable to any of the design elements you may want in your outdoor living space.

3-A Place for Entertaining

Fireplaces are like magnets pulling family and friends outside to sit together around crackling, glowing fires. If you enjoy entertaining, an outdoor fireplace will provide you with additional space for your guests. The campfire atmosphere around a fire outdoors is perfect while sipping wine, chatting as you unwind after a week of work, and celebrating in a relaxing setting. 

4-An Uncomplicated Yet Satisfying Endeavor

Unlike indoor fireplace installations, an outdoor fireplace is a virtually worry-free design project. No existing walls must be torn down, and you don’t need to be concerned about soiling the carpet. Instead, you can create new depth, style, drama, and overall appeal to your outdoor space with the installation of an outdoor fireplace and minimum inconvenience during the process. Many top-brand styles are available, and all are efficient heating appliances due to EPA requirements.

Fire pit repair in Greenwich, CT5-Increase your Home Value

These days, homebuyers are highly interested in a home with a maximized outdoor living space. If that description applies to your backyard, you can count on increased home value should you ever sell. Quicker sales of homes with outdoor fireplaces and other features for outdoor living are routinely reported by real estate associations. Some real estate experts suggest that each dollar spent on outdoor living is doubled in the sale of a home. An investment in a fabulous outdoor fireplace may just be the ultimate win-win.



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