Jaw-dropping Fireplace Designs to Beautify Your Home

Installing Fireplace in Greenwich CTModern gas and wood fireplaces are designed to look fantastic in any home. As you consider your choices in buying a new fireplace, consider both the style of the appliance and the look you want for the entire hearth area. Here are some real jaw-dropping fireplace design ideas to mull over as you prepare to add a lovely new fireplace to your home.

Two-sided fireplaces

Many leading fireplace designers have created elegant two-sided fireplaces that instantly crank up the visual appeal of any pair of rooms. Two-sided (or dual-sided) fireplaces are set within a wall between two rooms such as the living room and kitchen or the den and a home office. With these unique appliances, it’s like getting two fireplaces in one. A two-sided gas or wood fireplace will bring welcomed warmth to both rooms along with a beautiful design accent.

Raised fireplaces

Fireplaces usually are installed at or near floor level. Yours doesn’t have to be. A fancy raised hearth and fireplace can lift the unit a foot or so off the ground. But why stop there? Modern zero-clearance (ZC) gas and wood fireplaces come in design styles that can be installed high on a wall to add a super-unique visual to your room. Raised fireplaces not only look fantastic sitting all by themselves within a wall, but they also add an element of safety if you have young children or pets.

Fireplace surrounds

gas-fireplaceOnce you’ve decided on the type of fireplace that’s ideal for your home and the place within the home you want it installed, it’s time to consider the area around the new appliance. You can leave the wall as-is, or you can spruce it up to any degree you wish. A fireplace surround can be custom-built or purchased from the factory and made of real or simulated stone, brick, tile, wood or other exciting materials. Your surround can be compact, spreading just a few feet to both sides and above the fireplace. It also can be quite elaborate, encompassing most of all of the wall in which the fireplace sits.

Wall treatments

Instead of a surround, many people choose to customize the wall area around their fireplace with unique shelving, recessed areas, paintings, deco art, tapestries and whatever else their inner decorator suggests. Even with very little other customization, adding a new paint scheme to the fireplace wall can literally transform the room in record time. Darker paint shades will give your hearth area a cozy, settled look, while brighter colors will energize the entire room.

Mantels and fireplace accessories

A fireplace mantel can be factory-built or custom-made. No matter the style or material, mantels add a genuine touch of class and completion to any hearth area décor. Another way to finish your new fireplace design is with a set of handsome fireplace tools including a shovel, a pair of tongs, a broom and a poker. Consider also lovely glass fireplace doors and a sturdy fireplace screen to add several more unique touches to your masterpiece. As you can see, a new fireplace can include a variety of features and treatments to truly customize your room and make it a great centerpiece for entertaining, socializing and just taking it easy. If you’d like some expert assistance in creating the hearth area of your dreams, stop in at Yankee Doodle Stove & Fireplace Center at 848 Danbury Road in Wilton, CT. We’ll show you some beautiful gas and wood fireplaces and help you arrange for hearth-area customization work from excellent local contractors. You can reach us by phone with questions at (203) 544-8111.