5 Good Reasons To Install A Fireplace

ambiance fireplace, litchfield county nyIf you have been considering an upgrade to your home, there are plenty of good reasons to install a fireplace. A survey was done to determine what people think about fireplaces. According to results, people associate fireplaces with love, coziness, home, warmth, relaxation, happiness, beauty, luxury, and a host of other words with positive overtones. If you didn’t already know about the following five good reasons to install a fireplace, your own upbeat vibes about warm home fires may multiply.

1-Pleasing Ambiance

The ambiance and providing a place to gather together are things that make fireplaces consistent favorites among homebuyers. The delight of a fireplace is more than just the crackling, popping, and sizzling sounds that it makes. The aroma is also part of the environment a fireplace creates if you have a wood-burning appliance. No matter what type of fuel is used, just having the fire burning and evoking the outdoorsy atmosphere of a campfire is an irresistible home feature.

2-Lower Heating Costs

Finding ways to cut heating costs during the cold winters is a normal thing to consider in Connecticut. Modern fireplaces are ideal solutions because they are highly efficient. The EPA has been imposing increasingly stricter guidelines on heating appliance manufacturers for decades as part of a plan to make fireplaces and wood stoves more efficient. The government’s plan has worked! Anyone who buys an EPA-approved appliance can count on having a supplemental source of heat that can lower utility costs. The most economical strategy is to use multiple fireplaces throughout the home for zone heating. Basically, zone heating means turning off the central HVAC unit and heating only the room you are in.

3-Enhance Home Décor

Fireplaces of today are not only practical but they are also beautiful. So many different styles are available that it can boggle the mind in a good way. Whether your home is traditional, contemporary, modern, shabby chic, rustic, eclectic, or has a minimalist theme, you can find a fireplace that will enhance your décor.

4-Increase Home Value

Real estate companies routinely find that homes sell for more when it is equipped with a fireplace. Whether you have a built-in masonry fireplace or a modern fireplace installation, homebuyers will typically pay more. The increase in home value often covers the cost of installing a new fireplace.

5-Options to Fit Your Lifestyle

There is a fireplace that will fit perfectly with your lifestyle and preferences. Besides deciding whether or not to have a bear rug, the type of fuel used is among the options, such as:

  • The unique ambiance associated with wood fires
  • The convenience of a gas fireplace
  • The sleek drama of a linear fireplace
  • Instant and portable advantages of an electric fireplace

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