What is an Indoor / Outdoor Fireplace?

An indoor/outdoor fireplace is the best home improvement project when you want it all. Your home interior can get an exciting upgrade at the same time you give your outdoor living space an outstanding boost. Indoor/outdoor fireplaces are not as rare as they used to be. They provide a home with a feature sought-after by homebuyers and enjoyed by homeowners and guests.

Exactly What is an Indoor / Outdoor Fireplace?

Double Sided Fireplace Installation in Greenwich, CTAn indoor/outdoor fireplace is a two-sided fireplace that can be viewed indoors as well as through an outer window or opening facing the out-of-doors. Another way to describe this appliance is that it is a double-sided fireplace in which one side is viewed through an opening in an exterior wall. Many styles are available, making options plentiful enough that there is an indoor/outdoor fireplace to appeal to every taste.

Indoor Outdoor Wood Fireplaces

To provide warmth and unbeatable ambiance on both sides of a wall, an indoor/outdoor wood-burning fireplace is the preferred type of fuel. The delight of a crackling wood fire is the perfect addition to gatherings with friends and family. These fireplaces have an operable door indoors and outside. One of the benefits this provides is that fires can be built via outdoor access and you can avoid storing firewood inside your home, which tends to transport a variety of creatures inside, as well. These types of indoor/outdoor wood fireplaces give you the authentic experience of cozying up to a fire that’s behind an unobtrusive screen rather than a glass window.

Indoor Outdoor Gas Fireplaces

Even without the crackling wood, indoor/outdoor gas fireplaces have tremendous appeal. They are available in more styles than you can imagine. Direct-vent linear fireplaces, for example, come in different lengths and heights. There are various fire media options to choose from to create the look you find most aesthetically pleasing, such as ceramic pebbles, clay logs, and colored glass. Your indoor/outdoor gas fireplace can be customized in many different ways, such as options in facing materials and interior lighting. If you prefer, you can get an indoor/outdoor gas-fueled fireplace that resembles a traditional fireplace. Inside the home, the gas fireplace provides warmth. Outside the home, these fireplaces are dreamy additions to outdoor living spaces.

Benefits of Indoor/Outdoor Fireplaces

Double Sided Fireplace Installations in Greenwich, CTNo matter what style or fuel type you prefer in an indoor / outdoor fireplace, you can enjoy any of the following benefits and more:

  • For the earth-conscious, indoor/outdoor gas fireplaces are ideal for the powerful heat they provide while protecting the environment with clean-burning fires.
  • Few architectural features have the versatility of indoor/outdoor fireplaces. You can create a craved ambiance in your den and at the same time in your patio or pavilion or near your pool.
  • If you opt for a custom gas fireplace, you can make the cooling technology that’s available work for you. With some technologies, you can enjoy your indoor/outdoor fireplace and hang a flat-screen television above the fireplace with no worries about heat damage.
  • Nothing says luxury like an indoor/outdoor fireplace that creates a seamless and exciting bridge between indoors and outdoors.

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