A Working Fireplace Increases the Value of Your Home

gas fireplace install in westchester county nyA fireplace increases the value of your home, according to virtually all real estate group studies. It can increase your potential return on investment to keep in mind that efficiency in a fireplace is often the biggest plus for home buyers. Traditional fireplaces with open hearths and poor efficiency ratings are still about as beloved as ever, but a desire for greater overall practicality has led to the increasing popularity of gas fireplaces. Ensuring an increase in home value with your fireplace also means making sure that it is operational.

Common Chimney Repairs

If you already have a masonry fireplace, it is important to schedule chimney sweep services to make any needed repairs. Home inspections do not typically include a chimney inspection, but home buyers and sellers both are advised to determine the condition of the fireplace and chimney with the help of a chimney sweep expert. The following are among the common types of chimney repairs that are frequently needed:

  • Replace damaged bricks
  • Replace missing mortar
  • Replace damaged fireplace dampers
  • Correct construction errors
  • Replace damaged chimney liner
  • Rebuild the chimney crown
  • Fix the chimney flashing

Fireplace Inserts

Because efficiency is an important issue with most home buyers today, you could get a significant portion of your money back if you have a fireplace insert installed in your masonry fireplace. Wood or gas fireplace inserts transform units into highly efficient heating appliances. They are steel or cast iron custom-built closed combustion systems inserted into an existing masonry or prefabricated fireplace. The purpose of adding a fireplace insert is to increase its heating efficiency. The efficiency of a masonry fireplace is about 10% at most while fireplace inserts offer about 80% efficiency, more or less.

Modern Gas Fireplaces

The most desirable feature of modern gas fireplaces is that they are remarkably convenient. A remote control or thermostat adjustment can get the flames started, and the flames can also be turned off just as easily. Gas fireplaces are available as direct-vent appliances. Direct-vent fireplaces can be installed just about anywhere, and the venting system can be installed horizontally, exiting through the nearest exterior wall. Cool air is brought in from the outdoors, and combustion gases are expelled through the direct vent, as well. These types of gas fireplaces do not affect the air, as far as pollution, or the oxygen level in the home.

Linear Gas Fireplaces

linear gas fireplace for sale in wilton ctLinear gas fireplaces are now available in many stunning styles that oftentimes appear as much like art as heating appliances. There are many options to choose from with a linear gas fireplace, and they are often installed within walls of the home, sometimes with visibility on two or three sides. Linear gas fireplaces are efficient and provide plenty of heat while making your home of great value in the eyes of many home buyers.

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