Invest in Quality & Build Home Value with a Fireplace Upgrade

Quality fireplaces are highly sought-after amenities that often increase a home’s value, according to the National Association of Realtors (NARs) and countless surveys. One study shows that each fireplace in a home can add about 12% to its value. Indoor fireplace upgrades and outdoor additions of fireplaces are worthwhile investments that increase home value, says the National Association of Home Builders.

Fireplace Installation in Greenwich, CTA Fireplace is the Greatest ROI?

When it comes to investing in your home, there is evidence that your greatest return on investment (ROI) is a fireplace upgrade or a new fireplace. One expert says that the selling price of a home can include up to 91% of the cost of adding a new fireplace. Adding a second fireplace consistently increases returns, says Nars. Fewer than 15% of the homes in the U.S. have two or more fireplaces, and yet there is a clear demand. The addition of a second fireplace can increase home value by 12% several sources say.

What Type of Fireplace is Preferred?

Based on the results of an extensive consumer survey, wood-burning fireplaces continue to be preferred by home buyers and home builders, and gas-fueled fireplaces are a strong second. Electric fireplaces also have appeal, with numbers between the various age groups ranging from 9.62% (age 60 or older) and 23.64% (age 22-29) who prefer electric.

Every age group prefers wood fuel, but there are noticeable differences as far as the percentages of those who prefer gas. For instance, 29% of the people between ages 40 and 49 prefer gas fireplaces—more than any other age group.

Each fireplace fuel type has its appeal, and you can’t go wrong with a fireplace upgrade no matter what type of fuel you prefer. Some benefits of the top two fuel types follow.

Wood Burning Fireplace Installations in Shelton, CTWood-Burning Fireplaces

The ambiance of a wood fireplace continues to be unbeatable. Perhaps the indefinable charm of an indoor fire is in the primitive feel of drawing warmth from raw nature. The senses are fully engaged, between the crackling and popping of wood, the woodsy scent, and the sight of flames emitting warmth and comfort from burning logs. All of the work involved with chopping down trees, cutting and splitting logs, seasoning the firewood, and getting a wood fire started is widely considered well worth it. There’s no longer a need to worry about the sustainability of wood-burning because of laws in place in the U.S. that ensure the continued growth of new trees.

In 2018, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) essentially announced that wood is now classified as carbon neutral. Also, wood pellets are classified as renewable energy, similar to wind or solar power. A pellet-fueled fireplace or stove insert are ideal choices for anyone who wants to go green but appreciates a wood fire.

Gas Fireplaces

The low-maintenance demands of gas fireplaces make the appliances much-loved and preferred by many.

Instead of all the hassles involved with firewood, starting and shutting off fires is as simple as flipping a switch. The following are more of the benefits of gas fireplaces:

  • Because of their convenience, gas fireplaces are ideal for the cost-cutting strategy known as zone heating. With zone heating, the central heating system is turned off and only the gas fireplace in the room you are occupying is turned on.
  • Gas fireplaces release fewer emissions into the atmosphere.
  • The styles of linear gas fireplaces are incredibly varied. As a result, the number of style options in gas fireplaces has increased dramatically in recent years.

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