Give Your Fireplace a Summer Makeover

 If you’ve been living with a fireplace and hearth area that brings little pizazz and brilliance to you home, there’s no need to continue this. There are many stylish, innovative ways to add new life to your fireplace this summer and make it truly the centerpiece of the room where it sits.

The great thing about a fireplace makeover/fireplace remodel is, you can go as big or basic as you like. Lots of the accessories you may want to include can be purchased at your local hearth store. As to fireplace surrounds, fireplace retailers often carry an attractive selection – or you can have your surround custom-built.

Let’s look at some areas of focus for a summer fireplace makeover.

Fireplace Surround

A fireplace surround, as the name implies, is the wall treatment that surrounds your masonry or zero-clearance fireplace. Surrounds powerfully highlight your hearth area and set the perfect mood for entertaining, working or just hanging out.

Custom-made surrounds can be fashioned out of brick, granite, marble, wood, tile and many other gorgeous materials. Pre-built surrounds are available in faux versions of many of these materials – often so realistic that you have to look closely to tell the difference.

Fireplace surrounds can lay flat against the surrounding wall or be extended to give a feeling of depth. You can add a surround that extends only a few feet outwards from the firebox, or you can customize the entire wall with a surround that has space for a television, a full entertainment center, shelving for books, antiques and artwork, recessed cubbies for special items and much more.

Fireplace Mantel, Stratford, CTFireplace Mantel

If your fireplace currently has no mantel, this is one of the easiest ways to enhance not only the fireplace but the entire hearth area. Mantel shelves can be purchased finished or unfinished and in many different shapes, styles and sizes.

With a traditional fireplace mantel, you have a place for flowers, decorative accents, portraits, clocks and anything else your inner decorator desires. When looking at a summer fireplace makeover, don’t overlook a new mantel.


Fireplace Doors

Another great amenity you can add to your fireplace is a new set of sturdy glass fireplace doors. Available in many sizes and design styles, fireplace doors not only look fantastic, they also act as draft-stoppers when the fireplace isn’t in use. After a fire, when the embers are dying out, glass doors add protection for playing children and pets.

Fireplace Screens

A handsome fireplace screen, like glass doors, brings decorative beauty to your hearth area and serves as a secure block against popping embers, ash and soot.

Tool Sets

The perfect final touch to a summer fireplace makeover is a gorgeous fireplace tool set. Available in a variety of styles and colors, tool sets commonly include pokers, shovels, tongs and brooms to make it easier for you to manage your fires and keep the hearth area tidy.

linear fireplacesEven more fireplace-area remodel ideas

Other accessories you can use to enhance the comfort and appearance of your hearth area include:

  • Hearth rugs
  • Fireplace blowers
  • Log racks
  • Ash dumps
  • Matches/match holders
  • Logbarrow (like a wheelbarrow for logs)
  • Hearth pads

If this is the summer you’re going to get your fireplace and hearth area into super shape, your first step should be a visit to Yankee Doodle Fireplace & Stove Center, located at 848 Danbury Road in Wilton, CT.

Our staff will help you plan the perfect fireplace makeover to meet your designer tastes and budget. Visit us or call (203) 544-8111.