Sorting Through the “Gas vs. Wood Fireplace” Debate

gas fireplace install in wilton ctAdding a fireplace to your home is a great way to increase your house’s resale value and add extra pleasure for yourself. It has never been easier to have a fireplace installed. The installation process for pre-fabricated fireplaces is quick and easy compared to traditional brick and mortar fireplaces. These pre-made fireplaces are just as aesthetically appealing and even more energy efficient. The hardest decision for most homeowners is whether to choose a gas or wood burning fireplace.

Both options have their benefits. The best way to choose between a gas or wood burning fireplace is to decide which benefits matter most to you.


Benefits of a Wood Fireplace

Inexpensive, Eco-friendly Fuel

If your primary goal is to cut down on your heating costs, a wood burning fireplace is a smart option. Even if you buy firewood from a local store instead of collecting it from the woods yourself, it is much less expensive than natural gas or propane. It is also an eco-friendly fuel since wood is a carbon neutral, renewable resource.

Excellent Ambiance

The soothing aroma and calming crackle of logs is part of the fireplace experience that you cannot get with a gas fireplace. Faux log sets may look incredibly realistic, but they don’t create the same ambiance. If you don’t mind the extra work that comes along with a wood burning fireplace or don’t intend to use it frequently, it is perfect for setting the right mood and creating an intimate, relaxing space.

Benefits of a Gas Fireplace

Easy to Maintain

A gas fireplace is the perfect option for people who are always on the go. You don’t have to find time to collect wood, build a fire or clean ashes out of the firebox regularly like you would have to with a wood burning fireplace. Instead, you can start your fireplace with the push of a button or flip of a switch. All you need to do to maintain it is schedule an inspection once a year to make sure all of the components are working properly.

Customizable, Convenient Features

Gas fireplaces are also more customizable. Most models offer a variety of log sets or fire glass to choose from for the display along with other lighting features. They offer convenient features such as control operation or thermostat control. You can design your perfect fireplace with all the features you want if you choose a gas fireplace.

wood fireplace and gas fireplace install in newton ctMore Location Options

Today’s energy efficient wood and gas fireplaces produce much less smoke than traditional fireplaces. As a result, you can install these fireplaces in rooms where a brick and mortar fireplace wouldn’t be possible. Wood fireplaces still need more ventilation than gas fireplaces. If you’d like to install a fireplace in a small room or a room that isn’t near an outside wall, a gas fireplace may be the only safe option.

We hope this information has helped you figure out which would be best for you. If you still have more questions about wood and gas fireplaces, leave us a comment or stop by our location! The fireplace experts at Yankee Doodle, Inc. Stove & Fireplace Center can answer any of your questions about the difference between these two types of fireplaces. You can also see live burning models in our showroom, located right off scenic Rt 7 in Wilton, CT, if you’d like to compare them yourself.

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