Gas Fireplace Inserts: A Modern & Efficient Way to Warm Your Home

Gas Fireplace Inserts Yankee Doodle Westport CTFolks who have traditional masonry fireplaces know that they’re hard to beat for their rustic charm, but when it comes to heating a room, they really don’t pull their weight. When you burn a fire in a masonry fireplace, as much as 75 percent of the heat produced goes up the chimney.

If you need your fireplace to do more than look good, consider a modern gas fireplace insert, which will literally take the place of your masonry fireplace by fitting right inside it. Inserts are like fireplaces in a box, pre-made in a factory and highly efficient in operation. Look at some of the advantages to gas fireplace inserts.

Great for heating

Depending on the type of insert you purchase, you’re going to get up to 99 percent efficiency, based on the unit’s rating. Between 60 percent and 80 percent is common with the majority of gas inserts. This efficiency is achieved through the appliance’s closed combustion system, which allows it to combust and use most of the gas for actual heat in the room. Compare this to efficiency ratings well below 40 percent for masonry fireplaces.

Heating costs

Naturally, if you’re getting a lot of heat out of your gas fireplace insert, you’ll be paying lower utility bills. Furnaces and boilers have to work hard to keep the home warm if a masonry fireplace is your supplemental heating system, but standard heating relaxes when a high-powered gas insert is operating.


Today’s gas fireplace inserts are made in a wide range of sizes, styles, colors and finishes. It won’t be hard to select one that not only fits your firebox perfectly but also makes a lovely accent to your home’s décor.


Wood-burning masonry fireplaces give low performance, and they also give you plenty of work to do. You have to buy, haul and store the wood. You have to constantly clean up wood particles and debris. The firebox always needs sweeping out. And the chimney has to be cleaned on a regular basis. With a gas fireplace insert, you just turn it on and here comes the heat. No mess, no hassle, to wasting of your time.

Gas Fireplace insert Westport CTMaintenance

The only maintenance required with a gas insert is annual checks (by a professional) to make sure everything is working correctly, and then a little light cleaning periodically.

Quick installation

When you install a gas fireplace insert, there’s no building or rebuilding to worry about. Your unit will be sized to fit your firebox, and hooking up the gas line is a fast job for a professional installer. Total installation time is just a few hours.

If you’re tired of your masonry fireplace and want to move into the heat, you need to visit Yankee Doodle Stove & Fireplace Center in Wilton, CT. We’ll show you a full line of beautiful, efficient gas fireplace inserts and help you choose the one that’s perfect for you needs. Visit our showroom at 848 Danbury Road, or give us a call at (203) 544-8111.