Easily Switch to Gas with Installation of a Gas Fireplace Insert

Fireplace insert in Westport CTif you’re ready to enjoy hassle-free fires in winter instead of dealing with firewood and lighting fires, why not have a gas fireplace insert installed? In most masonry fireplaces, it’s possible to convert to gas logs with a fireplace insert. Enjoying the warmth and coziness of flames is effortless with gas fuel. You’re sure to enjoy the following benefits of gas as compared to wood fuel after installation of a gas fireplace insert.


Your wood-burning fireplace has required you to purchase or cut firewood that had to be stored for up to a year. Once it’s finally seasoned, you carry the logs inside along with a variety of critters hitching a ride in your firewood.

You may be introducing your home to such new occupants as mice, carpenter ants, termites, millipedes, sow bugs, or bark lice, to name a few. Then you may struggle to get fires started. Once burning, fires should not be left unattended. The creosote in the chimney left behind by wood fires could lead to dangerous chimney fires. That’s just one of the important reasons to schedule chimney cleaning regularly. Then, when you clean out ash, it must be handled with caution, to prevent an accidental house fire.

Compare all of that to a gas fireplace. Simply press a button on your remote control, and the flames leap into action. When you leave the room, you can instantly turn off the flames, as well.

Energy Efficient

Gas fireplace inserts and gas heating stoves can be used throughout your home for zone heating. Turn off central heating and simply turn on the gas appliance in the room you’re in. You can seriously cut winter utility costs with zone heating.

The heat from a gas fireplace or wood stove goes into your home with greater efficiency than wood fires. This is especially true compared to a traditional fireplace, which loses 90% or more of the heat up the chimney.

A gas fireplace insert is a highly efficient supplemental heat source with an efficiency rating of 70% or higher.

Easy Maintenance

An annual inspection is recommended for a gas fireplace insert, but that’s about it, as far as maintenance requirements. During annual inspections, chimney professionals will ensure that the components of the gas heating appliance are clean and in good working order. The chimney won’t have the problem of creosote buildup, which means chimney cleaning is rarely ever needed.

fireplace insert installations in wilton ctInsert Installations

The cost of having a fireplace insert installed depends on a variety of factors. For instance, is gas already used in your home? If so, it will be less expensive for gas fireplace installation than if you need to have a new line added. You can get all the help and answers you need from specialists in gas fireplace insert sales.

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