Fireplaces with Money-Saving Efficiency Plus Visual Appeal

Fireplace Remodel in Westport CTFireplace efficiency is now widely considered a more attractive feature than the aesthetics of stunning fireplace design. There was a time when beauty and efficiency could not be combined in a fireplace, but things have changed in keeping with a series of mandatory restrictions. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) began cracking down on air pollutants produced by solid-fuel heating appliances in 1992. Gradually, the requirements tightened further so that today, any modern EPA-approved fireplace or wood stove you buy is remarkably efficient.

The following are a few examples of money-saving fireplaces that significantly cut heating costs every winter plus add beauty to the home year-around.

Fireplace Inserts

A fireplace insert does what was once impossible. It transforms an ineffectual open-hearth fireplace into a significant source of supplemental heat. In essence, a fireplace insert is an efficient wood or gas stove built specifically to be inserted inside of an existing masonry fireplace. Your firewood provides more home heating and your wood supply lasts longer, thanks to the innovative design of a wood-burning fireplace insert. Switch from a maximum of about 10% efficiency to somewhere between 75% and 85% efficiency by having a fireplace insert installed. Wood-burning and gas fireplace inserts are available in a wide range of styles.

Gas Fireplaces

Low-maintenance gas fireplaces provide remarkable convenience. If you choose a gas fireplace, there is no need to deal with splitting and hauling firewood that could expose your home to pests such as insects and rodents. A natural gas or liquid propane fireplace provides the ambiance of a delightful home fire at the flip of a switch. Clean-burning gas means chimney care is less expensive, as well, since there is no messy creosote buildup to deal with.

Efficiency ratings of EPA-certified gas fireplaces range between 77% and 82%. If you zone heat your home with gas fireplaces, your winter savings will give you something to celebrate. With zone heating, you have a gas fireplace installed in all the major living areas of your home, such as the living room, kitchen, bedrooms, and bathrooms. Simply turn off central heating and warm up only the room you’re in.

Modern Linear Fireplaceslinear fireplace install in Greenwich CT

The many remarkable designs of linear fireplaces have provided entirely new kinds of fireplace options. Contemporary gas fireplaces can be inset into interior walls. No chimney is needed in vent-free models, but not all regions permit vent-free fireplaces. Direct-vent linear fireplaces are more common. They are vented outdoors through the nearest exterior wall. With urban homeowners, linear gas fireplaces have ever-growing appeal. Instead of faux firewood, the flames are displayed on colored glass or rocks. The range of design options is impressive, but the cost-cutting efficiency of linear fireplaces is still considered by many to be the greatest feature.

Electric Fireplaces

A modern-day option in fireplaces is an electric fireplace. Instantly enjoy the beloved ambiance of a fireplace by simply placing your electric fireplace where desired and plugging it in. Thanks to modern technology, models are available that provide extremely realistic faux fires. The best thing about an efficient electric fireplace is that it can be fully enjoyed year-around. You can watch the fire with or without heat being turned on.

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