New Fireplace Trends Deliver Multiple Wow Factors

Cozying up to warm fires can be highpoints of winter, and new fireplace trends offer stunning upgrades to the pleasurable experience. Any modern EPA-approved fireplace provides heating efficiency that can’t even be compared to traditional masonry fireplaces, which often lose more heat over the winter than they provide. Read on to learn about many of the remarkable new fireplace style trends, keeping in mind that a new fireplace usually pays for itself because it significantly increases a home’s resale value.

three sided fireplace, norwalk ctThree-Sided Corner Units

One fireplace can provide views from multiple angles if you get a three-sided corner unit. Also referred to as a “peninsula fireplace,” this unique and modern design is remarkably practical. Designers and architects recognize the value of peninsula fireplaces because no open space is sacrificed and yet the warm and cozy elements unique to a fireplace can be enjoyed from three different vantage points.

Frameless Fireplaces

Indoor linear fireplaces have been hot trends for a decade and continue to evolve. A frameless fireplace, whether fueled with gas or wood, offers a trendy type of design with sharp, clean edges. A seamless style, the fireplace can be surrounded by a stone, marble, or tile wall. No mantle accompanies this fresh look. Frameless fireplaces can be visible on one or both sides of a wall. Built flush with the wall, the chic style using gas fuel also offers the option of integration with home automation systems.

Double-Sided Indoor/Outdoor Fireplaces

Versatility is a code word for current top trends in fireplaces. Homeowners have caught on to the convenience of an indoor/outdoor fireplace. The options vary so that you can enjoy both the warmth and style of a fireplace inside and outside. Among the options is to be able to convert between sealed and open fires.  The ambiance created by a double-sided indoor/outdoor fireplace can be incredible.

Tall Vertical Fireplaces

The very latest trend in fireplace designs is a tall, vertical fireplace. This is an option for a gas linear fireplace providing a floor-to-ceiling view. The fire portion is essentially the same as usual, but the view through the glass extends near or up to the ceiling. This beautiful, modern style is a clear departure from the rectangular firebox with a wall surround.

single intake fireplace, danbury ctExposed Single-Intake Flue Fireplaces

With industrial décor continuing to increase in popularity, the single intake flue trending fireplace design is the perfect complement. Whereas the flue of a fireplace is typically hidden, the industrial style so popular today has created a place for exposed single flues. The contemporary flair adds unmistakable character without sacrificing the traditional elements fireplaces are beloved for. The possibilities for tailoring the style are endless and include a gas fireplace with four glass walls, which gives a more pronounced effect to the single-intake flue.

Convertible Fireplaces

Current fireplace trends include built-in options that allow you to switch from wood or gas fuel as well as open or closed viewing. Homeowners have been choosing this type of versatility, placing these styles in high demand. Part of the enjoyment of a convertible fireplace is that you can have a variety of activities enhanced by just the right type of fire for the occasion.

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