Reasons To Hire a Professional for a Fireplace/Stove Install

stove installation, fairfield county nyInstalling a new fireplace, fireplace insert, or stove might seem straightforward, but it’s easy to make a fatal mistake. Correctly installing a hearth appliance is a challenging task that requires extensive knowledge in proper ventilation construction and local building codes. Unless you know the ins and outs of heating appliance installation, this isn’t a smart DIY project. You could increase the risk of a future house fire or harming your family with carbon monoxide poisoning if you don’t install it correctly.

Benefits of a Professional Fireplace, Fireplace Insert or Stove Installation

#1. A professional will ensure your ventilation system is compatible with your hearth appliance.

Chimneys aren’t a one-size-fits-all ventilation system. Your chimney and chimney liner need to be sized to suit your fireplace, fireplace insert, or stove. If your chimney is too large or too small, your appliance may not vent properly or operate efficiently. You could end up filling your home with carbon dioxide or smoke when you light your fireplace. If you are replacing a wood-burning fireplace with a gas fireplace or insert, you may need an entirely new chimney liner. Some chimney liners aren’t compatible with certain fuels. A professional will ensure that your new heating appliance will vent safely and function efficiently.

#2. A professional will take care of any extra infrastructure needs.

Will you need to run a gas line or electrical line to your new fireplace or stove? Many new wood-burning, pellet and gas inserts, and stoves require electricity to power fans, blowers, and augers. Running a new gas line or electric line can be dangerous if you’ve never done it before. A professional contractor will tackle this tricky task for you.

#3. A professional will ensure your installation is up to code.

fireplace installations, wilson ctDo you know all the building codes that apply to your new fireplace or stove? Numerous state and local codes apply to heating appliances. These codes include specifications about hearth size, ventilation needs, and clearance between the heating appliance, wall supports, and other home materials. A properly installed heating appliance must meet all of these codes on top of the manufacturer’s installation recommendations. A skilled professional in heating appliance installation has extensive knowledge of state and local building codes. They will ensure that your fireplace, fireplace insert, or stove is up to code and meets the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Installing a heating appliance is one home improvement project you shouldn’t DIY. Fortunately, you don’t have to go through the hassle of screening contractors when you select a hearth appliance from Yankee Doodle Inc.’s Stove and Fireplace Center. We arrange and oversee the installation of new heating appliances for all of our customers. Our goal is to create a hassle-free experience for you.

The dedicated professionals that we work with are highly trained and skilled. They know the ins and outs of hearth product installation. When your gas, wood, or pellet heating appliance is installed, you can trust that it will operate safely and efficiently. Give us a call or drop by our showroom to learn more about our professional installation services!