How To Heat Your House Using Your Fireplace or Stove

Beautiful Fireplace Installation in Westport, CTIf you are interested in heating your home using a stove or fireplace, there’s good news! Modern appliances are good sources of supplemental heat, and inefficient hearth appliances can usually be transformed by having a fireplace insert installed. Perhaps you already have an efficient stove or fireplace and you simply want to move air into other parts of your home. Getting the hot air moving is the issue addressed here, and details follow.

Heating System

If your home has an HVAC system, it’s actually two systems in one. The “forced air” is a reference to the heating system and “central air” refers to the cooling system.


Ducts and vents are used to send temperature-controlled air throughout your home. When you are running your efficient heating stove or fireplace, you can better circulate the hot air the appliance creates by turning on the fan of the forced air heating system.

Ceiling Fans

When ceiling fans rotate clockwise, they are set for winter. The rotation of the fan blades gently pushes the hot air that has risen to the ceiling back down along the walls and to the floor. The air circulates in a way similar to what happens in a convection oven, except at cozier temperatures.

A Box Fan

Without a forced-air system, it’s good to have more than ceiling fans to move the warm air through your home. A large box fan might do the trick. Place a box fan in the area with your fireplace or heating stove so that the fan blows toward the heating appliance. This will create another convection reaction. The hot air around the appliance will be forced away from it. Even if the burning unit is in a small room, a box fan can get it moving through doorways and into other spaces in the home.


If your home is a ranch style that’s spread out horizontally, you may want to make minor renovations to increase airflow from your hearth appliance. Add transoms or small windows over the doorways, except without the glass. Transoms plus using ceiling fans can make your home toasty in winter.

Wood Stove Installation in Stratford, CTWhen in Doubt

If you are unsure how well hot air is moving throughout your home, you can do a simple test. Tape streamers or even lengths of bathroom tissue over interior doorframes. If the streamers move, you have airflow. If air doesn’t move them, you may need to try other solutions.

Ask the Experts

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