Tips & Style Options for Decorating Your Fireplace Mantel

Fireplace mantels are ideal settings for displaying prized pieces with style. First, choose from general decorating tips that provide simple blueprints for eye-pleasing arrangements. Next, decide which items to choose or buy—some seriously fun shopping may ensue. Finally, place the décor on or above your fireplace mantel to create a memorable focal point. Helpful tips and style options for decorating your fireplace mantel follow.

fireplace mantel decorFireplace Mantel Arrangement Options

Talented interior designers can make a good living for good reason. Not everyone has a natural grasp on how to decorate a house or even a fireplace mantel. Below are general interior decorating tips that can make your fireplace decorating project easier and more successful. Keep in mind that overcrowding of the mantel is to be avoided because it creates a cluttered effect. The items you choose for the fireplace mantel should have sufficient space to contribute to the pleasing overall effect you are going for. Choose from among the following decorating guidelines:




Balance is an element that adds appeal to interior decor, but balance is achieved in a variety of ways. For instance, it does not mean that every piece on a mantel must match in size, color, or shape.
Balance can be achieved with one visually weighty item on one side and several lightweight pieces on the opposite end.


You can display various pieces of different sizes and shapes on your fireplace mantel with this simple approach. Place taller objects at the back and smaller items toward the front. Several rows may be added according to fit. The look is enhanced if each piece contributes somehow to the overall aesthetics.

Odd Numbers

A rule of thumb in decorating with multiple items is to always use an odd number of objects. It is inherently more visually appealing to see, for instance, five picture frames instead of four or three treasured knickknacks instead of two. This principle is as true on a fireplace mantel as it is with decorative pillows on a bed.

Classic Elegance

To create a mantel that will enhance a formal setting, place matching items on the mantel, one on each side. Anchoring the fireplace mantel in this way looks polished and complements elegant décor.

The Accent Piece

If you have a large accent piece that you want all eyes drawn to, place it in the center of the mantel.


Avoid placing various items that are totally random on your fireplace mantel. The pieces should complement one another in some way, such as the theme, style, color, shape, or height.


A proven formula for decorating a fireplace mantel is to use classic symmetry. Simply place a large item in the middle of the mantel and items that match one another on each side.

20 Style Options for Decorating a Mantel

fireplace mantel decor ideas, north salem nyThe style of décor that you place on your fireplace mantel can be virtually any flair that exists. Of course, it helps a great deal if the décor over the fireplace complements the room. The following are 20 styles of fireplace mantel décor you can choose from:

  1. Artistic
  2. Rustic
  3. Vintage
  4. Modern
  5. Shabby-Chic
  6. Traditional
  7. Transitional
  8. Hollywood glam
  9. Minimalist
  10. Mid-century modern
  11. Industrial Interior
  12. Victorian
  13. Eclectic
  14. Nautical/Beach
  15. Farmhouse
  16. Mediterranean
  17. Bohemian
  18. Asian
  19. Tropical
  20. Southwestern

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