Fireplace Ideas for Small Spaces

new installation of gas burning fireplace Is a fireplace on your wish list? If it is, you aren’t alone. One thing millennials and baby boomers can both agree on is that a fireplace makes any space feel more like a home. Having a new fireplace installed is easier than ever. Gas and electric prefabricated fireplaces are available in a wide range of styles from traditional to modern and can fit in small spaces where a masonry fireplace would be impossible.

You can install a fireplace in a dorm room, apartment, condo or town house. The trick is choosing the right type of fireplace for the space. There are three types of gas and electric fireplaces that are ideal for small spaces: linear, corner and free-standing. Anyone of these fireplaces can enhance the style of your home and offer you an alternative heating source.

Linear Fireplaces

If you have an open wall in your living room or bedroom, you can turn it into a beautiful focal point with a gas or electric linear fireplace. Linear fireplaces offer a long, elegant viewing window into the fire. These fireplaces are available either as recessed units which are installed into the wall or wall-mounted units that can be hung on the wall as easily as a TV.

Corner Fireplaces

An unused corner is another great place to have a fireplace installed in a small room. A corner fireplace won’t take up much square footage and can turn an awkward space into a focal point. If you like the look of a mantel, this is a great option. You make your room feel larger and draw more attention to your corner fireplace by placing a mirror on the mantel.

Free-standing Fireplaces

Free-standing electric fireplaces or electric stoves offer the greatest convenience since they can be moved to any room of your home. For renters, a free-standing fireplace is a great choice! No installation is necessary. You don’t even have to drill any holes in your wall. All you need is an outlet to plug your free-standing fireplace or electric stove into.  It offers as much heat as a space heater without being an eyesore.

newton ct great looking fireplace insertThe best way to choose a fireplace for your home is to check out live burning models and talk to a fireplace expert about what you are looking for. Along with the many styles you can choose from, you can also opt for special features like remote or thermostat operation. If you are planning on using your fireplace to zone-heat your home, be sure to pay attention to the heat output of the models that you look at. You will want to make sure to choose a model with the capacity to heat the right amount of square feet. 

If you are looking for the perfect gas or electric fireplace for a small space, stop by our showroom off Route 7! You will find us halfway between Danbury and Norwalk. You can see a wide selection of live burning models in our showroom from the best brands such as Lopi, Amantii, Travis Industries and Avalon.