Is Adding a Fireplace an Effective Way to Cut Heating Costs?

wood fireplace, western new haven county nyThanks to strict EPA constraints, it is undeniable that modern fireplaces are effective supplemental heating appliances. Unlike standard masonry fireplaces so prevalent in times past that provided a negligible amount of heat, you could slash heating costs with the installation of an EPA-approved fireplace. The thrill of a crackling fire in your home has never been more economically viable than it is today. You are making a good economic decision and could enjoy lower utility bills if you add a new fireplace to your home.

Wood-Burning Fireplaces

A nice benefit of a wood fire is that firewood is the least expensive type of heating fuel for homes. If you have your own property and source for cords of wood in winter, your savings are even greater.

Wood-Burning Fireplace Inserts

Installing a wood fireplace insert is a popular way to transform a masonry fireplace into a viable heating unit. With the top brands available, you can enjoy between about 40,000 BTUs and 77,000 BTUs of heat from a beautiful catalytic wood-burning fireplace. None of the ambiance created by wood fires is lost but there is much to be gained by switching to a fireplace insert. With wood-burning fireplaces, you could shut off central heating and enjoy the warmth and charm that fill your home in equal measure.

Stand-Alone Wood Fireplaces

You can also have EPA-certified stand-alone fireplaces installed in your home to trim down heating costs. Prefabricated fireplaces are also referred to as zero-clearance fireplaces or ZC fireplaces. A zero-clearance wood fireplace can safely be installed near combustible materials. Just about any space in your home could have a fireplace, thanks to these modern beauties.

Gas Fireplaces

For incredible convenience and remarkable options in sleek styling, gas fireplaces are the best way to go when seeking to cut energy costs in winter.

Gas Fireplace Inserts

Large gas fireplace inserts heat up to 2,000 cold square feet of living space to a toasty-warm level by producing up to about 40,000 BTUs. Beautiful focal points with the charming ambiance only a fire can provide, gas fireplace inserts can be equipped with realistic faux logs, colored glass, stones, or other elements, such as a convection fan, accent lights, and remote controls.

Zero-Clearance Gas Fireplaces

The potential for cost efficiency is arguably the greatest by installing zero-clearance gas fireplaces throughout your home. They can be turned on and off at the flip of a switch, making it completely viable to turn off the central heating unit and heat only the room you are in as a cost-cutting strategy.

electric fireplace, westchester county nyElectric Heating Fireplaces

Electric heating fireplaces available today can provide up to about 5,000 BTUs to warm your home. The same as with wood fireplaces and gas fireplaces, modern electric heating fireplaces must practically be seen to be believed. Now, it seems that anyone can find a way to afford the addition of a fireplace in the home. Although the heat output doesn’t measure up to wood or gas fuel, electric fireplaces provide a viable amount of heat as well as the atmosphere most homeowners long for.

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