Find the Right Hearth Product for Your Home & Lifestyle

great linear fireplaces in westchester county ctWhat Connecticut home is complete without a fireplace or free-standing stove? A hearth makes a house feel like a home. Relaxing in front of a blazing fire is one of the most pleasant ways to relax on a blustery spring evening or a bitterly cold winter night. Even when the hearth is cold, a fireplace or stove is an inviting focal point.

Homeowners today have more options than ever before when they are considering remodeling an old fireplace or installing a new fireplace or stove. Contemporary models and designs are more energy efficient and customizable allowing you to choose exactly the right type of fireplace, stove or fireplace insert to fit your lifestyle and complement your home décor. You can add warmth and charm to a small home by installing a wall-mounted or zero-clearance fireplace, or transform a drafty traditional fireplace into a powerful zone heater with the right fireplace insert.

The best way to find the right hearth product for you is to visit a showroom or have an in-home personal consultation with a hearth expert.

Before you take that step, it is helpful to know the basics about the different types of home heating options:

Upgrading an Existing Fireplace

If you are thinking about upgrading an old fireplace, the questions to ask yourself are: Do I only want to change the façade of the fireplace or do I want to improve its efficiency? What fuel type would I prefer?

There are many ways to change the façade of a fireplace from covering over a brick fireplace with wood or tile to changing the mantel and installing built-ins.

To improve the energy efficiency of your fireplace so that it can effectively zone heat areas of your home, you should have an insert installed. Fireplace inserts have a far greater heat output than traditional fireplaces because they are a closed combustion system. The airtight firebox that inserts have also prevents heated and cooled air from escaping up the chimney which will make your home more energy efficient. Just as new windows can reduce your heating and cooling costs, installing a fireplace insert can reduce your energy bills even during the summer.

An additional benefit of installing a fireplace insert is that you can choose what type of fuel you would prefer. You can turn a wood burning fireplace into a gas, pellet or electric fireplace by installing an insert that burns that fuel.

Installing a New Fireplace

The cost of adding a new masonry fireplace to an existing home can be steep. In many cases, housing codes prohibit it. Fortunately, homeowners today can have a zero-clearance fireplace installed that looks as beautiful as a traditional fireplace without the high cost or risk of violating housing codes.

Zero-clearance fireplaces are designed so that they can fit in tight spaces. They have a simple exhaust system that can easily be installed in almost any space. Along with their convenient design, zero-clearance fireplaces are far more efficient than traditional fireplaces. You can choose between wood, gas, and electric fireplaces in many different styles from rustic to mid-century modern.

Choosing a Stove

top notch stoves in fairfield county ctIf your main priority is to cut down on your energy costs, a free-standing stove is an excellent choice. Contemporary stoves are incredible heating appliances with the ability to zone heat large areas of your home with the fuel that you prefer: wood, pellet, gas or electric. You can choose between a large range of exquisitely designed, clean burning models with convenient features like thermostat settings and remote control operation.

Stop by our showroom along Route 7, halfway between Norwalk and Danbury, to take a look at some of the options available and compare models side-by-side. Or, give us a call at (203) 544-8111 to set up a personal, in-home consultation. We can help you transform your old fireplace into the fireplace of your dreams, find the right fireplace to breathe new life into a boring room, or introduce you to a stove with the power to zone heat your living area.