Electric Fireplaces Solve Problems and Make Dreams Come True

Thank goodness the tremendous innovation of the ever-changing hearth industry has popularized electric fireplaces! So many of the challenging aspects of enjoying a fireplace are resolved with the simplicity of an electric fireplace. If you’ve ever had a reason to dream of a more ideal situation for enjoying a fireplace, chances are an electric fireplace is perfect for you!

No Room for a Fireplace? No Problem!

Electric Fireplace Installations in Greenwich, CTDo you live in a compact space that hasn’t made sense as far as enjoying a fireplace? Although there may not be room to install an efficient wood-burning stove or free-standing fireplace–even though they can be installed near combustibles–there’s pretty much always room for an electric fireplace! The units available today can have the appearance of a traditional fireplace and yet it is a compact unit you simply place against the wall and plug in!

You Don’t Own Your Home? No Problem!

Renters rarely have the option of building on or having a solid fuel heating appliance installed. If you are renting an apartment or house and really wish you had a fireplace, an electric fireplace is totally doable! Just be sure your lease allows for electric heaters. An electric fireplace is basically an electric heater that provides the ambiance of a genuine traditional fireplace.

Love Fireplaces but Not the Hassle of Fires? No Problem!

A wood-burning fireplace is a joy as long as you don’t mind dealing with firewood. The wood must be cut, split, stored for a lengthy period, and hauled into your home. Insects and other types of critters are often hitching a ride on logs, which you may not like, either. Then, there is also the possibility of toxic combustion smoke in your home to consider. Even a convenient gas-fueled hearth appliance may be something you don’t want a part of, especially if gas isn’t already hooked up to your home. An electric fireplace is as convenient as a fireplace can possibly get. Just plug it in and turn it on.

Want Year-Round Fires But Not Always the Heat? No Problem!

What kind of fireplace has the beloved imagery of a fire but doesn’t necessarily provide any heat? Only an electric fireplace! This is one of the greatest benefits of an electric fireplace. It is the only type of hearth application you can enjoy in every season because it provides a fire while allowing you to switch off the heat, as desired.

Electric Fireplace Installation in Ridgefield, CT No Venting? No Problem!

There are such things as ventless or vent-free gas fireplaces, but they are outlawed in some municipalities. The remaining alternative for enjoying a vent-free fireplace is with an electric fireplace. No venting is needed because the “fuel” used is simply the electricity that you access with your everyday 110-volt outlet.

Want a Portable Fireplace? No Problem!

Vented fireplaces, of course, cannot be moved from one place to another. With an electric fireplace, however, you can move your fireplace and its wonderful ambiance into whatever room you choose at any time.

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