Designing a Stunning Fireplace

fireplace makeoverThe stunning fireplace of your dreams can become a reality. Among the many material types to choose from are faux marble, decorative wood, brick, slate, and other types of stone. With a range of faux materials, it can be possible to enjoy what you really want in fireplace design, though you may have considered it out of your price range. The following are some of the beautiful designs you can choose for the fireplace in your home.

Simply Slated

Many modern styles forego the mantel. A contemporary fireplace design that makes a sleek statement is to have a gas fireplace installed at a height about a foot above a bench placed flush against the same wall. Use slate as the cladding, from floor to ceiling. Store firewood under the bench, to lend more realism to the gas logs. For even greater impact, have a fireplace that opens on both sides of the wall.

Understated Class

Combine sophistication with simplicity by giving your fireplace a stately architectural profile in light limestone. Decorate the room with neutral linen fabrics and reclaimed wood for a posh but relaxing atmosphere. Punctuate the laid-back style with a TV installed above the fireplace.

Beach Vibe

A “tabby” fireplace is one designed with a type of very hard-drying concrete containing decorative shells, lime, stones, and gravel. This provides a distinctive fireplace design that evokes beachside images, including ocean waves and sun-bleached driftwood. During dreary days of gray-skied winter, this cottage style fireplace design can provide a sunnier atmosphere. To complete the look, decorate the room in the same theme. Nice pops of blue could be just the right added touch.

Eclectic White Tile

As part of a kitchen island, install a fireplace that opens into the kitchen and the living room on the other side. Forego a mantel and decorate the entire unit with glossy white tile, same as on the kitchen island. Suspend a rustic vignette from the ceiling as art, in lieu of a mantel.

A Distinctive Mantel

Fireplace with mantleIf the mantel is your favorite feature, start your fireplace design with the mantel in mind. You can choose from a wide range of materials, to set the style you prefer. The traditional mantel is made with wood. A stone mantel may be made with sandstone, granite, travertine, river rock, limestone, and other varieties. Other material types include metal, brick, concrete, ceramic, and marble.

Contrasting Elements

There are many ways for fireplace design to make a statement about your overall taste and style of décor. One approach is to pair stunning stonework with a rustic wood mantel. The combination is eye-pleasing and helps to create a relaxing ambiance that is also perfectly paired with a glowing fire on a cold day.

A Seamless Surround

Extend the fireplace style to surrounding cabinets. Using the same materials on the fireplace surround and built-ins creates visual symmetry. You also get the benefit of storage in the cabinets and shelves above. One could even serve as the TV nook.

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