Comparing Wood Fireplaces and Wood Burning Stoves

great looking wood fireplaces in redding ctWood burning fireplaces and stoves are popular heating appliances for homeowners throughout Connecticut. The cozy atmosphere created by the comforting crackle and aroma of a wood fire isn’t the only reason homeowners choose wood fireplaces and wood burning stoves. An efficient wood burning appliance can zone heat areas of your home so that you can turn down your thermostat and cut down on your heating costs. You could decrease your heating costs by up to 40% if you install a high efficiency wood burning fireplace or stove.

Wood is the most inexpensive fuel to use to heat your home. Since wood is a renewable, carbon neutral resource, you don’t have to worry about your environmental impact. A wood burning fireplace or stove is a sustainable heating source.

Unlike traditional fireplaces and old stoves, which can produce almost more smoke than heat, contemporary wood burning fireplaces and stoves are environmentally friendly, efficient heating appliances. Strict regulations set by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) compelled manufacturers to innovate and improve the combustion process. These advances not only improved our air quality, they also revolutionized the hearth industry. That is why wood burning fireplaces and stoves today burn hotter and cleaner than those of yesteryear.

If you’re looking for ways to reduce your heating bill, installing a fireplace or wood burning appliance is smart choice. Choosing between a wood fireplace or wood burning stoves might be the hardest decision.

These are the two key differences to take into consideration when choosing between them:

1. Appearance 

Though wood burning stoves are available in an array of attractive styles and designs, they are not the architectural feature that fireplaces are. A fireplace makes a statement in a room and can be customized, from the façade and surround to the mantle, to suite your taste and complement your décor. If you are hoping to increase your home’s resale value, a fireplace will be a better investment. Along with updating the look of your home, a wood fireplace is on the list of top ten things that homebuyers are looking for. Many homebuyers are willing to pay extra for a fireplace since it is seen as a luxury feature whereas a stove is seen as an appliance.

2. Efficiency

efficient wood stoves in wilton ct While a fireplace may increase your home’s resale value, a stove could reduce your energy bills more significantly. Wood burning stoves are more efficient than fireplaces. The reason for this is they have a closed combustion system which causes wood to burn slower and hotter. In contrast, wood burning fireplaces burn quicker and cooler because they draw in more air from the outside. A high efficiency stove can have up to an 85% efficiency rating whereas the most efficient wood burning fireplaces only have around 80%.

 When you are trying to choose between a fireplace or stove, think about your long-term goals.

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