Warm and Cozy: Choosing a Gas Fireplace for your Home

Escape the cold weather and enjoy the comfort, convenience, and ambiance of a gas fireplace in your home. You can get cozy by a fire in just about any room with no fuss or muss. Simply push a button on a remote control or adjust your thermostat to get your gas fireplace roaring. If hauling firewood and lighting wood fires are too time-consuming, a gas fireplace is a perfect option.

Hearth professionals offer the following tips and information, whether you want a gas fireplace in your existing home or whether your home is under construction.

Where Can a Gas Fireplace be Installed?

Gas fireplace Installation In Westport, CTImagine enjoying the warmth of a gas fireplace in your kitchen, bathroom, and/or bedroom. Gas fireplaces that meet EPA standards are highly efficient. Because of the way the fireplaces are constructed, most can safely be installed almost flush against combustible materials such as wood paneling and sheetrock.

The options for placement of a gas fireplace go beyond basic fireplace installations of old. Elegant linear gas fireplaces can be installed in the wall between two rooms. Multi-sided gas fireplaces encased behind glass add a modern look and allow enjoyment of the fires on both sides of the wall.


Linear gas fireplaces can also be installed at varying heights, much like pieces of artwork.

Gas Fireplace Styles

The many styles and shapes available for gas fireplaces make it possible to find one that will complement your décor. Among leading sources for gas fireplaces is European Home, which offers unique, stylish heating appliances produced by top manufacturers throughout the world, including Focus Fires of France and Element4 of the Netherlands.

DaVinci Custom Fireplaces is a manufacturer of luxury fireplaces, including the dramatic portrait-style gas fireplaces, which are actually part of a non-heating fireplace collection with many artistic options. There is something warm and inviting about any room with a fire, even if the fireplace is purely for effect.

The elements in your gas fireplace can be realistic faux logs or flames with embers, colored glass, pebbles, or stones. Other options include LED backlighting and sleek surrounds ideal for modern styles.

Benefits of a Gas Fireplace

A huge benefit of choosing a gas fireplace instead of a wood-burning fireplace is that you don’t need to deal with burning logs or cleaning up the ashes and creosote wood fires leave behind. The following are more advantages of a gas fireplace:

Maintenance is very simple with a gas fireplace and usually involves nothing more than an annual inspection.
Fuel options include propane and natural gas.
It’s unnecessary to build a chimney for a built-in gas fireplace.
Direct-vent gas fireplaces can be vented through the nearest exterior wall.

There are various options for features among the numerous models of gas fireplaces you can choose from. Putting heat output in the hands of the users is just one of many examples. You can adjust the BTU output with a remote control, with some models.

Beautiful Gas Burning fireplace In Stratford, CTNew Gas Fireplace Installation

Do you want to enjoy the coziness of fires in a gas fireplace but in a style that truly fits with your home décor? Gas fireplace options are highly versatile. Contact Yankee Doodle, Inc. Stove and Fireplace Center, where our heating appliance experts are happy the assist you in choosing the perfect gas fireplace for your home. Call Yankee Doodle today at 203-544-8111 to learn more.