Questions to Consider Before Choosing a Fireplace

If you are adding a fireplace to a new construction home or an existing home, it’s a great investment! Ensure long-term enjoyment of your fireplace by pausing to explore some of the options you have. The following are some questions to ask yourself before making a final decision.

Is Architectural Beauty What you Most Want in a Fireplace?

For ambiance and aesthetic appeal, you could hardly go wrong by having a lovely masonry fireplace installed in your home. A traditional open fireplace basically serves that one purpose beautifully. At most, a masonry fireplace has 10% efficiency, meaning that 90% of the heat from fires goes up the chimney. However, the irresistible setting the fireplace creates, the woodsy aroma, and the primeval enjoyment of crackling fires may be all you truly desire. In that case, a wood-burning masonry fireplace is a great choice for you.

 Do You Want Efficient Wood Fires in a Masonry Fireplace?

Wood Burning Fireplace Insert install in Westport, CTWithout making any sacrifices, you could have a beautiful masonry fireplace that also delivers up to 80% efficiency! All you need to do is have a wood-burning fireplace insert installed inside the existing fireplace. You can still see the flames through glass doors, and you can switch off central heating while enjoying the warmth provided by your wood fireplace insert. Another option for burning wood, and one that is much more efficient and eco-friendly, is to have a pellet fireplace installed. These appliances have an innovative design and provide the highest level of efficiency in a solid fuel heating appliance. Instead of logs, however, the wood fuel is comprised of small 1 ½” pellets made of compressed sawdust and woodchips.

Is Convenience Most Important to You?

A growing number of fireplace lovers prefer the convenience of a gas fireplace. With the incredible linear fireplaces on the market, options in gas fireplace design are widely varied. You may want a traditional gas fireplace with some of the truly realistic gas log sets available today. Instead, you may prefer a linear gas fireplace, which can have firebed options like stones and glass crystals. Among the diverse choices you get with these units is installation inside of a wall. Whichever gas fireplace installation you go with, all tFhat’s required to get the flames started is the touch of a remote or adjusting a thermostat.

Is Low Cost Your Top Consideration?

There is one type of fireplace you can get that doesn’t have any fireplace installation costs involved, and it’s an electric fireplace. These units have been gaining in popularity. Simply bring your electric fireplace home and plug it in to start enjoying a faux fire. What’s nice about electric fireplaces is that you can enjoy them all year round because the aesthetic effects can be activated without turning on the heat.

Do You Want to Cut Heating Costs with Zone Heating?

zero clearance fireplace install inAs you consider fireplace installation, you may want to look at zero-clearance (ZC) fireplaces for the purpose of zone heating. These types of fireplaces can safely be installed within inches of combustible materials, making them a good fit for virtually any room in your home. You can choose from wood or gas fuel for ZC fireplaces. For zone heating, simply turn off your central heating unit and heat only the room you are in using your ZC fireplaces, strategically installed in the rooms where most household activities occur.

Contact Yankee Doodle for a New Fireplace

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