Benefits of Installing a Double Sided Fireplace

beautiful double sided fireplace in New Canaan CTA double-sided fireplace is a creative way to maximize the performance of your fireplace while cutting down on heating costs at the same time. So if you have been thinking about adding a fireplace to another room in your home, consider the following benefits of installing a gas or wood-burning double-sided fireplace.

Heat two rooms at the same time

One of the major benefits of a double-sided fireplace is its ability to heat two rooms at the same time. For instance, many homeowners do not use their outdoor patio in the winter due to a lack of heat. But by installing a double-sided fireplace in the living room, for instance, that shares a common wall with the patio, homeowners can greatly expand their use of the home during the cooler months without any increase in heating costs.

Heat large rooms more efficiently

A double-sided fireplace is a great heating solution for large rooms. Some large rooms in the home like a great room and many open floor plans that either lack a fireplace or are not near the fireplace, may have cold spots in some parts of the room. Installing a double-sided fireplace in the center of a large room will provide a more even distribution of heat for the entire room.

Less expensive than two separate fireplaces

Rather than installing a separate fireplace in every bedroom, homeowners can save money installing a double-sided fireplace which provides beautiful and ample heat for two rooms at the same time. In addition, there is no additional heating cost because one fireplace provides plenty of ambient heat for two rooms. Since double-sided fireplaces also reduces the number of fireplaces that need to be cleaned and maintained, maintenance costs are significantly reduced as well.

Requires only one flue and chimney

Typically, installing an additional fireplace in the home often means the installation of an additional flue and/or chimney to vent the fumes. However, a double-sided fireplace is technically one fireplace that performs the work of two, thus requiring only a single flue and chimney.  

Custom styles to match any home décor

Ridgefield CT double sided fireplaceDouble-sided fireplaces are not just wonderful heating appliances; they are gorgeous works of art that are handcrafted to mach the décor of any home that may also increase its value. In a large family room, for example, a beautiful floor-to-ceiling stone wood-burning or gas fireplace is not only a superb room divider, but provides a generous amount of radiant heat for the entire room with an upscale lodge feel.  Other designs that incorporate a variety of materials, shapes, colors and textures are also available to create a trendy minimalistic double-sided fireplace in an appealing modern motif or whatever style your hearth desires.