Backyard Recreational Fires – Safety & Info

Fire Pit Outdoor Recreational FireOutdoor living spaces are always better when they include a setup for backyard recreational fires. Gathering with family and friends at night becomes more of a memorable event somehow when everyone is under the sky around a fire. Safety should always come first, and then all the benefits of patio and backyard recreational fires can be fully enjoyed.

Fire Pit Safety

Backyard recreational fires should never be simply out in the open. Always use a fire pit, fire bowl, chiminea, an outdoor fireplace, or some other appliance made for fires. The following are prep tips, safety tips for during fires, and information about putting out a fire.



  • Choose a level, flat area for your fire pit where there is nothing above nor is the fire very near any combustible structures.
  • Fire pits tend to shoot out sparks. You may want to move away any furniture that could be damaged or ignited by a spark.
  • Remove combustible items away from the fire pit, such as pine needles, loose grass, leaves, or paper.
  • If you have a fire pit screen, have it ready to use once the fire is lit, especially if there are children around or if it’s breezy outside. A screen helps to contain sparks.
  • Be sure there are no flammable liquids placed near the fire pit. Heat alone can cause the liquids to ignite.
  • Get a fire extinguisher or water hose to keep near the fire pit so that fires can be quickly extinguished in the event of an emergency.
  • Just in case of minor burns, keep a first-aid kit nearby.
  • Gather the fuel you will use. Use charcoal or seasoned firewood in your firepit. Never burn garbage or garden waste because they produce toxic black smoke.

During the Fire

  • Once you get the fire started, be sure the fire is attended at all times. A backyard recreational fire should never be left unattended. If there is no supervision, a small fire could quickly grow into a large out-of-control fire.
  • Stay a safe distance away from the fire, keeping in mind that sparks and embers can cause burns.
  • Supervise children at all times. Little ones don’t understand the dangers of getting too near fires.
  • Remember that alcohol is highly flammable. If alcohol is consumed around your backyard firepit, be sure fire pit safety remains a priority.

Putting Out the Fire

Bucket of AshThe following steps are recommended when you are putting out a fire in a fire pit.

1. First, if at all possible, let the wood burn down to ash.

2. Secondly, after the fire pit has cooled a bit, carefully pour a bucket of water on the ashes. Keep in mind that a hot metal fire pit could crack when you pour water on it. Water should continue to be added until there are no more sizzling sounds.

3. Stir all wet ashes, ember, and remaining bits of wood together using a shovel. Be certain all has been soaked in water.

4. Check the surrounding area to be sure no embers or hot ashes have blown out of the fire pit and to be certain nothing around or on the fire pit is still ignited.

5. Last of all, check the fire pit to be sure heat is no longer being generated.

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