Adding a Kitchen or Bathroom Fireplace Is Easier Than You Think

Kitchen FireplaceKitchens and bathrooms are perfect rooms in which to add a beautiful gas, wood or electric fireplace. The idea was novel at one time, now it’s commonplace as people figure if they’ve got a fireplace they love in their main room, why not spread the warmth to other rooms of the home?

When you think “kitchen fireplace” or “bathroom fireplace,” you don’t have to think of a large, masonry-encased wood burning appliance. In other words, we’re not suggesting that you duplicate the large centerpiece fireplace in your main room in other smaller rooms. What we are suggesting is to consider the huge variety of high-performing, space-conscious fireplaces available today.

What kind of fireplace is best for my kitchen and bathroom?

Three things come into play with this question: size and heat output of the new fireplace, the fuel the unit runs on, and installation considerations.

Fireplace size

This will be in large part dictated by the size of the room. Some kitchens and bathrooms are spacious and will accommodate a larger fireplace with high BTU output. There are plenty of fireplaces available from top makers that would be appropriate in this application.

For smaller rooms, you’ll need less heating capacity and can go with a more compact unit. It won’t be hard to find the perfect-size model with the ideal heat output for even the smallest kitchens and bathrooms.

Gas, wood or electric fuel

A wide selection of fireplaces is available that run on gas, wood or electricity. Gas is a clean and convenient fuel that’s easy to get started and requires very little maintenance and cleaning.

Zone-heating wood fireplaces, while needing regular professional vent-system cleaning, bring an ambience that many people feel can’t be matched by any other type of fireplace.

For the ultimate convenience and literally zero maintenance, electric fireplaces are great for bringing instant heat to small and medium-size spaces.

When choosing the fuel-type for your new kitchen or bathroom fireplace, it really comes down to how much involvement you want in running and maintaining the unit along with the aesthetic properties you expect from the heat source.

Installation considerations

Modern gas, wood and electric fireplaces can be installed in most any room of the home, with kitchens and bathrooms being common location choices. For any fireplace, an opening in a wall will usually be required; for vented gas and all wood fireplaces, a vent pipe will need to be installed through the ceiling or a wall.

Zero-clearance (ZC) gas and wood fireplaces are ideal for smaller quarters, because their heavy-duty construction and insulation make them safe to install close to any kind of wall and home building material. With electric fireplaces, just make sure the installation and hookup is done right, and you’re good to go.

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