Can I Have A Fireplace Installed Without A Chimney?

For centuries, chimneys were standard in houses all over the world, as was air pollution from wood fires in winter. When central heating was invented in the 1950s, that began to change substantially in the U.S. Many homeowners even plastered over their fireplaces and tore down their chimneys, but it was not long before realization took hold. Though fireplaces are no longer winter necessities, they are infinite sources of pleasure. Luckily for fireplace lovers everywhere, innovation in the hearth industry has flourished. Fireplaces can now be safely enjoyed in homes without a chimney!

Chimneyless Gas Fireplaces

Chimneyless Gas Fireplaces in Greenwich, CTstallation in Options in chimneyless gas fireplaces are abundant, and there are many affordable designs to choose from. Every gas fireplace sold in hearth stores is approved by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The “EPA-approved” designation is your guarantee that any gas fireplace you purchase is highly efficient. In fact, gas fireplaces are viable sources of supplemental warmth and can offset heating costs in winter. Many gas fireplaces are built to be installed without a chimney.

Direct-Vent Fireplaces

The component of direct-vent fireplaces that make them capable of operating without a chimney is the unique venting system. The vent usually goes through a nearby exterior wall. With this chimneyless approach, combustion fumes are expelled and fresh air is taken in. As the cool air circulates through the venting system, it is heated and then released into the home. There is also radiant heat coming through the sealed-pane glass. Direct-vent fireplaces are quite versatile and can be vented through the roof instead of the wall if desired. Due to the increased safety, versatility, and efficiency of direct-vent fireplaces, leading sources say 90% of all gas fireplaces sold today are direct-vent models.

One of the reasons for the popularity of direct-vent fireplaces may have to do with the way newer homes are tightly sealed, preventing a free exchange of indoor and outdoor air. Oftentimes, for instance, a wood-burning fireplace doesn’t get the needed air for fires to burn efficiently. This air-tight feature of homes has no effect on the operation of direct-vent fireplaces.

Improved Indoor Air Quality

Unlike other solid-fuel heating appliances, direct-vent fireplaces dispel 100% of the combustion exhaust from the fireplace to the out-of-doors. Indoor air quality is not compromised in any way. The threat of dangerous combustion byproducts is eliminated, such as deadly carbon monoxide and nitrogen dioxide. When you have a direct-vent fireplace, excess moisture is prevented from entering your home, as well. (Please note: Installation of carbon monoxide detectors is recommended, no matter what type of hearth product you have.)

Vent-Free Hearth Products

gas fireplace insert install Greenwich, CTAnother hearth product that does not require a chimney is a vent-free fireplace. These fireplaces have no venting at all. They are, of necessity, designed to burn exceptionally clean since pollutants from combustion enter the home. Vent-free fireplaces come with sensors and automatically shut off if the room’s oxygen levels become unsafe.

There are a couple of potential drawbacks with vent-free fireplaces:

Anyone with breathing problems such as allergies or asthma will be more susceptible to respiratory problems with a vent-free unit. For that reason, vented hearth products are recommended for the elderly and others who may be vulnerable.

In some areas, vent-free hearth products are not permitted due to local regulations. It is always important to check local building codes before buying and installing a new hearth product.

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