8 Easy Fireplace Upgrades & Updates

Take a look at your fireplace. Does it look exciting? Welcoming? Does the hearth area make you want to be part of it, or is it kind of blah? A fireplace can easily be the centerpiece of a room, a beautiful appliance that encourages social activity and relaxation. If this doesn’t sound like your hearth area, check out these eight easy fireplace upgrades and updates to put some zest in your room.

  1. Paint the fireplace

painted fireplaceA tasteful application of paint can quickly spruce up a dark, foreboding fireplace. Just painting the iron facing areas can add excitement to your hearth area. Ask your paint dealer for a high-heat enamel paint.

  1. Add a pre-made surround

You can find many pre-made fireplace surrounds that simply attach to the wall around the appliance and create a new, vibrant look. Surrounds come in a variety of materials, colors and sizes. This is one of the easiest ways to upgrade any hearth area.

  1. Add a custom surround

If you have a specific look in mind, consider having a professional contractor build you a customized surround that has the exact materials and features you want most. When creating from scratch, your imagination is the only limit.

  1. Install display shelving

Some snazzy shelving for potted plants, flowers, artwork, antiques, paintings and other eye-catchers will make the area around your fireplace come alive. Decide on some unique paint combinations for the wall, the shelves and trim work at the top and bottom of the wall to complete your masterpiece.

  1. Add a new mantel

You can find many pre-made mantels that would look awesome over your fireplace. With so many textures, colors, styles and sizes are available, adding the perfect mantel will be easy and fun.

  1. Glass doors and fireplace tools

glass-door.jpgConsider bringing in an arrangement of attractive fireplace tools and installing a set of shiny glass doors to cover the firebox. These and other stunning fireplace accessories will make an instant difference in the overall look of your hearth area.

  1. Add some furniture

Boring furniture can detract from the vibrancy of a beautiful hearth area. If you want to go all the way in your fireplace update, consider adding some sofas, loves-eats or chairs that make a good match with your new hearth design.

  1. In the off-season

When the burning season is over, there’s no reason to let your fireplace just sit there. Clean the firebox and use it to display flowers, collector plates, candles, elegant lighting or whatever your designer tastes say is just right.

As you can see, with a little thought and a little elbow grease, you can literally transform your hearth area with a variety of fireplace upgrades and updates. Use some of these ideas to create a true centerpiece for every activity you enjoy in your home.

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