5 Reasons a Gas Fireplace Insert May Be Ideal for You

Do you know about the many great qualities of gas fireplace inserts? Many don’t, though a gas insert is an innovative heating appliance that represents modern ingenuity. When the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) began tightening restrictions on solid-fuel heating appliances decades ago, it created the necessity of finding smart, efficient, cost-cutting, environmentally friendly solutions like gas fireplace inserts. This EPA-approved appliance may be perfect for you and your home, and the following are some of the reasons why.

Gas Fireplace insert in Westport CT1-Gas Fireplace Inserts are Efficient

Gas fireplace inserts are typically custom-built to fit inside a masonry fireplace, which results in a complete transformation of efficiency! Whereas wood-burning masonry fireplaces are rated at a meager 10% efficiency or less, gas fireplace inserts have efficiency ratings of 70% to 80% or more. You can enjoy lower heating costs every winter because gas inserts are excellent supplemental heat sources. 


2- Gas Fireplace Inserts are Convenient

Wood fires require a significant amount of work and effort. If a convenient fire that you can simply sit back and enjoy appeals more, a gas fireplace insert may be ideal for you. Most people these days are busy when things are at their normal pace. A gas fireplace provides the ambiance of a fire without the hassles associated with firewood. Simply adjust your thermostat or use a remote control to get a fire going, relax, unwind, and enjoy.

3- Gas Fireplace Inserts are Environmentally Friendly

Does the idea of reducing emissions and the amount of particulate matter in the air appeal to you? If so, a gas fireplace insert may have great appeal. Natural gas is one of the cleanest burning of the fossil fuels, and a clean burn means few emissions and practically no particulates. When a gas fireplace insert is installed in your home, you can have the satisfaction of knowing you are contributing to cleaner air.

4- Gas Fireplace Inserts Keep Going When the Electricity Goes Out

Winter power outages are a fact of life in cold climates, including here in Connecticut. If you have a gas fireplace insert, there is no need to panic! A gas insert can provide the heat you need as well as light in the darkness. No electricity is required for you to enjoy the radiant heat of a gas fireplace insert. Even if you have an electronic ignition on your gas fireplace, a battery-powered receiver can be installed to serve as backup when the power is out.

gas fireplace insert install Greenwich, CT5- Gas Fireplace Inserts are Available in Many Styles

A gas fireplace insert doesn’t have to be installed in a masonry fireplace. It can also be installed in a standalone unit. The styles available can complement any type of décor. Gas log sets are very realistic nowadays, but you can also opt for glass, stone, or faux crystal elements. From rustic to contemporary and modern, you can choose from a wide range of gas fireplace insert styles for your home.

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