4 Ways Innovations in Fireplaces Are Changing Home Design

Something most people agree with is that a nice fireplace adds value to any space. Thanks to new innovations, there are more ways than ever to affordably and safely add fireplaces in multiple rooms. Architects and interior designers are able to make their customers very happy when communicating the exciting possibilities for fireplaces. The following are four of the exciting innovations in fireplaces that are transforming home design.

New Fireplace Design, Westport, CTStyle Options

With the addition of linear fireplaces, any old-fashioned ideas about what a fireplace is must be thrown out. Gas-fueled linear fireplaces can be installed within walls made of combustible drywall, and yet they can provide heat. Linear fireplaces can be installed at the level where artwork is usually hung on walls. Read on to see why the innovations go well beyond style.

Redirected Heat

Have you always wanted a fireplace in your kitchen but not necessarily the heat from flames? You can have your cake and eat it too, as the saying goes. Some fireplace models are made so that the glass stays cool, which eliminates the need for the previously mandated protective screen, as well. The fireplace you are looking at in the kitchen can display mesmerizing flames, yet the heat is directed to another room or even outside, if desired. This makes it possible to safely install a television or artwork closer to the fireplace than has traditionally been possible.

Flexible Venting

Flexible vents can now be used with some heating appliances. This is important because it means that venting can be directed around obstacles such as plumbing, studs, and beams. Where in your home would you like a fireplace but previously it was impossible? Flex vents could be the innovation you needed to give your home the upgrade you really want.

Electric Fireplace, Westport, CTAppealing Electric Fireplaces

You may have never considered an electric fireplace, and perhaps it’s because the memory of the fake gas logs of old gave you an aversion to faux fires. Well, many gas log sets are now remarkably realistic, but that’s another topic. The thing is that electric fireplaces have been greatly improved. Flames on electric fireplaces have a level of believability that makes these cost-effective solutions to fireplace lovers very appealing. 

If you live in an apartment or a small condominium, an electric fireplace may make more sense than any of your other options. There are numerous advantages. For instance, you can turn on the flames but turn the heat off altogether. You only have to plug it in to start enjoying your fireplace. It’s also easy to move electric fireplaces from one room to another.

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