15 Fireplace Makeover Ideas

Fireplace Makeovers in Westport, CT Are you happy with the design of your fireplace? If not, there are many ways to give your hearth an entirely updated look. How is the performance of your fireplace? You may need a practical type of fireplace makeover, which could also keep your home and family safer. A perfect solution for your home may be among the following fireplace makeover ideas. Add a salvaged mantel to your fireplace. Through the centuries, countless mantels have been carelessly destroyed during remodels and prior to demolitions. Fortunately, there are now architectural salvage yards with discarded mantels that consumers can shop for.


The dream mantel for your hearth may be waiting for you in a salvage yard. Upgrade your surround with granite. For an impeccable fireplace upgrade, add a granite slab surround and an updated mantel. This is a makeover perfect for covering up stained, sooty-looking bricks.

Whitewash outdated bricks. Bricks that no longer have appeal are a common fireplace feature that homeowners become dissatisfied with. A simple solution is to add whitewash, a DIY project that can be completed over a weekend. Add natural stone veneer to your hearth. Stone is always a beautiful decorating feature that evokes warmth and elegance. A cast-stone veneer appears to be the real thing and yet the cost is much more wallet-friendly.

Use tin tile to upgrade your fireplace surround. The unique look can add elegance with a sense of timelessness.
Add glass doors to your fireplace. This can increase safety by preventing logs in a wood fireplace from falling and rolling out of the hearth area. During the offseason, glass doors will increase energy efficiency by preventing air from escaping your home or entering your home from outdoors.

Have new firebricks installed if there is any cracking, crumbling, or gaping of mortar joints on the walls inside the hearth. It is essential that firebricks, as well as chimney flues, are in perfect repair to protect nearby combustible components and prevent toxic fumes from escaping into the living area of your home.

The design focus of your fireplace could be diverted to the hearth extension, which must be made with noncombustible materials. Create a design upgrade with colorful tiles, subway tiles, or another type of ornate buffer zone. Paint your wooden surround in a new color. This could be an especially satisfying option if you’re also changing the paint color throughout the room. The surround could serve the same purpose as an accent wall.

If the fireplace isn’t used, transform it into a beautiful focal point. Use colorful tiles as accents on each side of the hearth and fill the firebox from top to bottom with logs cut to a uniform length. Place plants and whimsical lighting around the hearth as well as unique decorative elements.

Create a whole new look with an investment in eye-pleasing, artful décor to place on and around the hearth.

If you love art, upgrade your fireplace with art tiles, also known as artisanal tiles. Your hearth can truly come to life with pieces that are designed, molded, and glazed by hand.

Gas Fireplace Installation in Greenwich, CT

Have a fireplace insert installed in your traditional fireplace to convert it into a supplemental heat source in winter. The efficiency of your fireplace can go from 10% to 70% or more with the addition of a fireplace insert.

Convert your wood-burning fireplace into a gas fireplace. The convenience of starting fires with a remote control instead of dealing with firewood may be all it takes for you to enjoy your fireplace more than ever.

Add beautiful new tiles of your choice on the area surrounding the hearth opening plus on the hearth extension on the floor for an eye-catching upgrade.


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