Stacked Salad Planter

Z_saladstack0Here is the same stacked container combination planted with cut-and-come-again salad greens.

I started with some lettuce varieties chosen for their diversity of color and texture- Bronze Arrowhead, an oakleaf, and Curled Simpson, both loose-leaf types, Mantillia, a chartreuse butterhead, and Cos, an upright romaine. Fordhook nasturtium is planted  in the flower carafe, and though the leaves are not salad greens, the edible flowers have a peppery taste and give a salad a dash of bright color. I added some seeds- Pot of Gold container chard, Red Russian kale and wild arugula, to use as baby greens, and to fill in once the weather gets hotter and the initial round of lettuce is harvested.For salad all season, some new lettuce seedlings can be added for a late summer crop.

Six weeks later, bursting with greens!

Six weeks later, bursting with greens!



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