Patio Herb Planter

post_patio-herb-planter_4Last Mother’s Day I stacked three of our galvanized containers to make an herb tower for my patio. Raising the flower carafe up a bit would add some color above the ground and all my herbs would be in one place, right outside the sliding door from the kitchen.

For the bottom, I used our largest galvanized oval tub, (C-71) then the medium embossed one with a cute scalloped rim, (C-52) then put the galvanized flower carafe (VWJ-01) on top. I drilled 8-10 1/4 in. drainage holes in the bottom of each tub and a few in the carafe as well, since they are designed and sold as watertight. post_patio-herb-planterPlastic containers were inverted and used as supports for the top two pieces. I made a homemade potting mix from coir, compost and a good amount of perlite and vermiculite. The soil needed to be light, so the planter could be moved, and to hold water so it wouldn’t have to be watered every day.

post_patio-herb-planter_2I dug some perennial herbs- chives, mint oregano and lemon thyme from an herb bed and used two varieties of basil started from seed, Napoletano and Serrata. I bought a few more plants- tarragon, a variegated sage, and a golden thyme, for color and texture, to round out the collection, and also stuck in a few nasturtium seeds, for the bright edible blooms and nice blue-green foliage. It was packed pretty full. Here it is just after planting, but by season’s end, it was lush!

This year I’m going to do a salad bowl- stay tuned!

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